I DIDN'T Go to Church Today


Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday.

I am 17 years old, and recently I’ve been getting really involved in my faith, and I have started going to Church for about a month now every week, and I plan on continuing. I really love and enjoy listening to the sermon and I am moved by everything from the readings to the songs.

On top of being an avid Catholic, I am an avid football (soccer) fan. I go to the 9:30 am Mass, and this morning the football game was on at 9:00 am until 11:00 am. I know there is no excuse for missing Mass, and that is part of the reason I feel bad. It wasn’t like I was sick, or had to attend to a family matter, I just sat on my couch watching the football game.

I attend Mass with my grandmother, and she said we could not go later because she had a few errands to do and what not, so I tried to ask my parents if we could go, but they were busy.

And on top of that, I committed a venial sin; masturbation.

So now I feel really bad because this week, Thursday I believe, I got my school report card and I got very good grades (88% average) and I really wanted to thank God, and instead of doing that, I screwed it up by missing Mass and committing a venial sin.

I have felt preoccupied and sad this whole day because I missed Mass and did that other sin, and I really want to make it right. My school offers lunch-time Masses which are 15-20 minutes. I know it wouldn’t replace a full Mass, but would it help ease my tension with Christ ?

Thank you for helping me, and God bless you all.


Of course go to the lunchtime mass at your school. I would say that would be a good thing to do regardless. But I would also recommend attending confession: masturbation is something you really should confess. Also pray - prayer is always helpful.


Masturbation is potentially a mortal sin. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps, as they say, go to confession and begin again. Make Christ the most important person in your life as best you are able.


One of the most wonderful things about being Catholic is we have available to us the best possible way to "make it right" when we sin: The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

The best thing you can do is confess your sins -- missing your Mass obligation, masturbation (which can be mortal, as kib pointed out), and any other sins -- in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Once you have done that, you will be completely forgiven in God's eyes and ready to begin anew!

Of course, going to a weekday Mass is definitely a good idea too :) but I would recommend that you go to Confession first, so you can receive the Eucharist without any question of whether you are in mortal sin.

The fact that you felt bad and preoccupied is a good thing, believe it or not. It shows that you have a well-formed conscience and an awareness of your sins and imperfections. This is healthy (as long as it doesn't cross into scrupulosity), and all-too-rare nowadays.

God bless you.


You need to go to confession before receiving Communion. Masturbation is a sin and you shouldn't do it- but you know that. Missing Mass for a soccer game is also a sin, so please don't compound things by taking the Eucharist. Lunch time mass, regardless of the time, is still mass, although it doesn't replace our Sunday obligation. You should go to Confession and attend as many masses that you can get to! After Confession, let go of these sins and try to not do them again. Good luck!


Hi :)
Everyone here has pretty much said what I'm thinking. CONFESSION. Make an appointment, and go. You'll feel like a huge load is off your back, and you can start again. That is like THE WAY to ease the tension with God.
As for your masturbation problem, pray for your purity, it's so powerful to pray for that, and go to Confession when you do it. Break the habit. You can do it! : )
Also, next time tape the game?
Or just plan ahead of time with your grandmother.


You **know **that Mass is more important than the football game. That team doesn't care if you watched them play or not, but Jesus cares that you go to His sacrament.

You feel guilty because of course you know this. You need to confess your sins before taking the Eucharist again. You could go to Mass and get a blessing, though, and sacrifice taking the Eucharist because of your sins. Then go to confession and be absolved, and don't do it again.



Just some thoughts here - When we are in Grace it is easier for us to avoid temptation - so when we attend mass as we are supposed to it is easier to avoid sins such as masturbation. You miss mass, the temptation kicks in, you masturbate, then shame, so you go to the next mass, then pride kicks in, you haven't confessed - you don't want to stand out - you take Eucharist in a state of sin-

Basically one finds themself in that proverbial handbasket rather quickly.

The best we can do is to do the best we can to stay in a state of Grace and through his Grace He will help us avoid temptation. God bless you.


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