I didn't go to Mass today


I have a nasty chest cold. The baby has it to and he had to be put on Prednisone because of breathing problems. I don’t feel all that sick myself, just have a lot of coughing and congestion. It’s more irritating than anything.

Anyway, I decided not to go to Mass because I’m sure I’m contagious and whatever I have could possibly be dangerous to some people.

So, why do I still feel so guilty for missing Mass?


Because you love Our Lord and want to be in his presence and receive Him, which is admirable.

Don’t beat yourself up about it though - you do have yourself and your little pumpkin to look after after all :wink:


Gratia et pax vobiscum,

My wife and I have been fighting the Flu which our 4 year old picked up. Her fever broke lastnight and we all managed to make it to Mass although very sleepy… :o

I’d say that your guilt stems from a very deep affection for the Church and a desire to be obedient to her precepts.

May God Bless you and bring you and your family healing in the days to come. Amen.



Then I will be guilty right along with you. I have had a terrible sinus infection, cold, cough, etc. etc. for nearly 3 weeks. I have no desire to pass this on to anyone else and besides, it is so cold that every time I go out, my cough gets worse. Yes, went to the Dr. and took all the medicine. I don’t think either of us will go to hell for not going to church today or anytime we are ill. Why do you feel guilty? Because you have a very strong conscience. That is a good thing. I am going to watch the Mass on TV tonight if I can find it.

Get well and hope baby is well soon.
Love and peace,

Mom of 5



Your not the only one who missed today. We have had sleet falling down off and on since late Friday morning. Roads were slushy yesterday so I took a wait and see attitude about going to Mass. This morning I stepped outside and tried walking around the yard. It was not easy. At one point I started sliding backwards. That did it. No way can we go to Mass in those conditions. :frowning:
If I can’t even walk in my yard without difficulty how much worse would it be in my big ole’ Suburban? It is not safe out here!

I spent some extra time reading and praying. I think it comes from us wanting to receive our Lord in the Eucharist. And when we can’t do that we know something is not right.


I missed today too. We have really icy roads and I didn’t feel comfortable driving with the baby. I’m hoping I can go tomorrow.


Just making sure we’re all on the same page: Masondoggy did obey the Church’s precepts:


Icy roads here too…yikes…my least favorite road condition…I watched Mass on television for shut-ins :crying:


Here’s a problem:

I didn’t go to Mass today either. However, not because I’m too sick (I went last Sunday when sick, and probably shouldn’t have…), but because on the way from my parent’s house (where I stayed last night), the parish church I stopped at didn’t have a sign posting Mass times (I would have attended Mass in Spanish, if available, as it was almost 2 PM, and here in the Archdiocese of Atlanta most “Mass in Spanish” times are between 1:30 and 2:30, and I’ve attended many times in the past).

ANYWAY, I didn’t go to Mass today because I figured I made an effort to go this afternoon, but didn’t make an “extra effort” to attend either a “Life Teen” Mass (…shudder…) or the Spanish or Portuguese Mass offered at two different nearby parishes at 7 PM…nothing anyone says here will prevent me from mentioning this to a priest at confession…I just want to throw this out here for “fodder”.

By the way, yes, I’m a new poster, but a long time reader…If any other fellow members of the Archdiocese of Atlanta are out there, I’m a member of Saint Jude Parish in Sandy Springs, and my parents live way out in west Cobb, about an hour away…I tried stopping by Saint Joseph’s in Marietta by Kennestone Hospital, but they had no sign - my parents recommended it after I left their house too late to make it to my own parish church for either 11:30 Mass in English or 2:00 Mass in Spanish…come to find out, Saint Joseph’s has Mass in Spanish at 2:30, I was almost an hour early, but had no idea…I suppose I could have went inside and asked someone, which further contributes to my guilty feeling of missing Mass today…

I’ll shut up now.


Well, it feels better to know I’m not the only one (although, I’m sorry some of you are sick too).

I guess I feel guilty because for a long time I have struggled with the sin of missing Mass and I just don’t want to fall into that rut again. Once you miss one time, it makes it harder and harder to go back…

So, I could use a lot of prayer to make sure I get back on the ball next Sunday and get where I need to be. :slight_smile:


My money says you’ll be back next week when you’re feeling better. :thumbsup:

And to new poster Joseph Mary: Welcome to the forums! :wave:


www.MassTimes.org. Don’t know if this might help for future glitches?


…convince my parents to get the internet, and that would come in handy…


Well, when I got home I mapped out all the available parishes and Mass times in my head for future reference - 2:30 Mass in Spanish in Marietta really is the “best bet” for the next Saturday night I spend with them…now, if I could only convince them to go to Sunday Mass regularly with me…My Mom is a “cradle Catholic” that has lost the Faith, and my Dad is a “born Baptist” that never had it - and I’ve convinced them on occasion to attend Sunday Mass, although they both go to Christmas Midnight Mass EVERY YEAR and have been for 30+ years…it’s all rather odd…


Not trying to be nit-picky, but :nerd: if you have a valid reason for missing Mass, it doesn’t matter if you were the only one or if every person on this forum missed mass!

Will definitely pray for your intention, however.:slight_smile:


I hear ya about Net-less families…:stuck_out_tongue:

Just enter your parents’ zip code into Masstimes, print out the results & keep it in your car for future visits. Your efforts not to miss Mass might even inspire them!


please a hearty thank you to all who were ill and contagious, who did stay home from Mass this weekend, your Christian charity toward the rest of us is very much appreciated. We prayed for you, and hope you offered up the pain of missing Mass for the intentions of those who have no access to the Eucharist.


Maybe if you are feeling better this week, you can make it to a Daily Mass. Ours is usually short - about 20 minutes - but a great way to start the day (in my case). I go to 6:30 am, but you might also find a Mass mid-morning, noon, or evening if you’re interested.




Once you miss one time, it makes it harder and harder to go back…

Missed Mass due to violent stomach flu on New Years Eve. Moved that next week 50 miles away from my beloved Parish. Missed Mass the next Sunday because I was “unfamiliar” with the area Churches. Missed last Sunday because by the time I arrived back to the town where my old Parish is, I was 15 minutes late. There are no more “excuses” for me. This was, unequivocally, a sin(s). God help me. I don’t understand what has happened. Please say prayers for me.

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