I didn't know Pantera had such a tragic end

I was up late last night and watched a “Behind the Music” about Pantera. I used to love that band…I know not very Catholic:o, but I loved the music and Phil Anselmo’s voice:cool:.

Anyway, I had no idea that the band had such a tragic end with Dimebag ending up dead:(. What happened? I haven’t been into music for quite a long time so this took me by surprise:confused:, I had never heard of anything like this happening…ever:(.

Can anyone fill me in on the details of what happened and why? The segment about that was small so it didn’t really make sense and it was 2:30 in the morning so I wasn’t quite awake either:blush:.

DD was killed on stage while playing with his new band by a Pantera fan upset that Pantera had broken up. The guy was a military man.

Actually, he was discharged from the Marines after only two years because he was paranoid schizophrenic. Here is more information about the killer Nathan Gale.

Yup. Happened right here in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been to the club that it happened at. The police officer that night saved a lot of lives, unfortunately for him he had to take one to save many.

I know, but I still consider that being in the military.

Maybe the clue is in his name. :frowning:

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