I dislike Sunday night



Emotional maturity…

Just how much emotional maturity does it take for someone to get used to living an adult life?

I am almost 20 and working full time just for this summer.
I am fine with my job but every Sunday night, I find it hard to sleep. I feel really emotionally unstable (like I want to cry, or think too much, or be stressed) when I try to sleep on Sunday night.

For people who have experienced this, just how did you deal with it?Or am I being abnormal?


Can you explain why you are getting so stressed and emotional on Sunday nights?

Do you dislike your job? Is it difficult? Is there a person who is making the environment stressful or unpleasant? Can you pinpoint what it is that makes you have these thoughts and feelings? Why only on Sunday and not other nights when you work the next day?


It’s very hard to pin point the reasons why.

…I like my job. Though it is really challenging.
…No one is making it unpleasant.
…only Sunday nights because on the other days I am already so tired from work that I easily fall asleep.

Probably it’s easy to just say that it’s because I am excited or nervous for the job the next day. But I just think it’s kind of weird that I always feel like this. Not just for jobs even when I’m in school and it’s the start of the week.


Oh, goodness. I am 44, and I want to cry when it is Sunday night! I hate the start of a new week, because time just marches on too darn fast. I want to s…l…o…w… it d…o…w…n… but I know I can’t.


Yeah, there you go. I’m starting to feel normal. I know Sunday is like a rest day but I become restless on a Sunday because I want to do many things and spend as much relaxing time with the people I love but it seems impossible cause time passes by so fast.


I think a lot of people feel the same way. I heard on the radio a few years back that Sunday is people’s least favorite day of the week because they have to go back to the grind on Monday. After a quick Google search, I found this article:


I’m sure there are more out there.


take a real hard look at your job, the working conditions, the people, the emotional climate at work, your own duties and your percieved ability to carry them out, the commute, all aspects, and discern what it is that is causing this anxiety, then deal with it. be brutally honest with yourself


I dislike Sunday nights…or any night for that matter because I hate the thought of having to get up early and do something the next morning! LOL

Sloth/laziness…isn’t that one of the 7 Deadly Sins???



LOL! I hear you! I have the summers off (though I really have to finish my dissertation - so I actually have more work) but I feel guilty if I don’t get up with my hubby who works in the summer.


I think this is a very common emotion. I know that I still feel it, and I am 55!!! I know that, with me, it goes back to elementary school days. I was a good student, but a shy child, and was afraid of making mistakes in class. I also was a homebody and lived for summer, weekends, school holidays and (best of all!) SNOW DAYS! In Massachusetts, when I was little, we seemed to have tons of snow, and there was nothing quite like the feeling of an unexpected gift of a “free” day.

I remember watching Sunday evening TV (Ed Sullivan and Bonanza, I believe) with a sense of impending doom - not only because TV was forbidden through the week, but because the spectre of school hung over my head. I felt the same when working, as well; had to get up early, get going, get out of the house and leave my nice “cocoon.” Even now, though most of what I do is on a volunteer basis, I still get that “feeling” from time to time on Sunday night, as well as at “back to school” time, though I haven’t been in school in 3 decades, and my girls are graduated and married. Some things just stay with you, I guess!


I usually have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights. For me, though, it’s because I’ve usually gotten caught up on my sleep by that time from the week so my body doesn’t seem to need it quite so badly.



I HATED Sunday nights too, until I was able to discern my vocation and was able to parlay my work into the fulfillment of that vocation.

But I had all the same things- couldn’t sleep, wanted to cry, felt touchy and out of sorts, etc. etc. You’re not alone.


I have felt that way about Sunday nights my whole life. I love the job I have now, but I love weekends even more.


Oh! you just brought me back! Our Catholic school didn’t have a separate announcment on the news, so we always waited for


When the public schools closed, we did! We’d be up at 4am waiting for the announcement :slight_smile:


I went to Catholic school, as well, with no separate announcement and listened to a small station (WJDA) in Quincy, Mass. whenever there was a bit of snow: “Wareham, Westwood, WEYMOUTH!” Rejoice!!! I can still feel that thrill.

Those holy days we had off were great, as well; we loved March, as we had March 17 (they SAID it was because of “Evacuation Day” when the British left Boston Harbor, but we all knew it was for St. Patrick’s Day) and March 19, St. Joseph’s Day, as we were taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

(If you wish, PM me as to what town you lived in, and when you were at BC.)


Oh heck yeah…I’ve called this the Monday Morning Blues for years. It was really bad when I worked a job I disliked. Now that I do work I enjoy, it’s not such an issue for me. I used to call a friend to meet up for a beer almost every Sunday night, so I could stay out late enough that I’d just be exhausted when I got home and drop right off to sleep.

I look at it this way…if work was totally enjoyable, we wouldn’t insist on getting paid to do it. Even doing something I love, I need to get paid or I’d rather stay home.

Maybe you have a little anxiety about your job?


You are definitely not abnormal, I’m your age and I go through something similar. A lot of times I’ll have a REALLY good day, where I’ll be happy and in a good mood. But as soon as nighttime hits everything changes and I’ll get very distressed sometimes. (This happened this past Sunday night actually). From what I’ve read so far it seems like people will go through this at any age, but I think people our age have a certain anxiety. To me I think it’s anxiety about the future. Me and several of my peers struggle with our future at times, and there will even be a fear sometimes that we aren’t going down the right path that God has chosen. When this happens to me I try to remember the Bible verse: “…don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” (Matt. 6:34)

If this only happens to you on Sundays then maybe God is trying to tell you something. If you don’t feel that Sundays are days of rest for you then maybe there should be something you should change or do. Ask God! For me; I’m very involved with Pro-life work and on Sundays I try not to read, discuss, or look at anything related to abortion itself since it’s a source of stress to me. So that’s one of the things I do to try to make Sunday a day of rest for me.
Or maybe it’s the case of the Monday Blues like others have been saying, and none of what I just said applies to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely pray! God bless.


I like the greater freedom during the weekend if not to decide what I will do but when I will do it. I also like being away from ringing telephones and the endless emails that now seem to be so much part of so many jobs.

And as our garbage is collected on Monday mornings I hate having to put it together on Sunday night.


Thank you everyone!

I feel better that I am not alone. Not that I rejoice in your struggles, if we shall call this a struggle.

I hate to reveal this but, when I cannot sleep Sunday night, I cry (sometimes like a little child).

Now, am I the only one like this?LOL.
Now, am I abnormal?


In the minority maybe but not abnomal.

Also people let out emotion in different ways - while some cry, others yell, throw things.

Maybe too there is something about not sleeping on a Sunday night that can get to some of us more than when it happens during the week - after all we’re meant to go into work on Monday all bright and cheerful ready for the challenges of the week. And here we are lying awake which will ensure we go in tired and less prepared for the challenges of the week.

I’ve been in a bullying situation at work twice and there were Sunday nights when the tears came at the thought of being back in the situation.

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