I do not know how to think or treat islam as a catholic

hello everone … at work there are alot of muslims and without complaining about them, becuase they are generally nice… i dont know what to think of islam as a catholic other than the bible and the teaching of christ… however sometimes i walk around work and it makes me uneasy because of the radical differences in our religions… thoughts?

Excellent question! I eagerly await the response of others…

I, on the other hand, dare not post my thoughts.

You know, it’s a big world out there. Lots of different types of people some easily influenced and impressionable.But the answer is not to worry over it. The best thing to do is to live out your Catholic faith. By doing this others will see the wonderful hope you have and happiness that can only come from the true God.

It is the soul that’s most important. Not the world. We live in the world but should not be OF the world. Radicalism can come from anywhere. And by living the life that is called by God (also by loving your neighbor) you will find peace and discernment how to handle your fears.

God bless,


Our thoughts can be frightening.Trust in God and in His Goodness. Without Him we will be living in fear.


Just remember not to think of Muslims the same way you think of Islam.

There’s a big difference between what the Qur’an says and how literally some Muslims take those words within.

For me; I’m very loving to Muslims and knowledgeable about their beliefs, so when they ask why i’m kind then I can share Christ with them and ask questions about theirs. That’s not to say I’m not loving with everyone, but I’ve certainly studied their books; so that can make for some interesting discussions.

Most Muslims I know assume Christianity is from the Bible. Which is not true. I always take it that they need to learn from us rather than we from them.:smiley: But how? By living a Christian life.


The teachings of Islam reject the Holy Trinity and make Jesus Christ into a liar by denying him godhood while simultaneously trying to claim him as a prophet. The Incarnation is also rejected, and this is reflected in Islam’s iconoclasm.

The Koran identifies the Blessed Virgin as a “sister of Aaron”, which shows that Mohammed got his biblical references mixed up because Aaron and Moses’s sister was also called Miriam.

Islam treats marriage as a business contract. In fact, signing a contract is what takes place even before the matrimonial ceremony, and it includes a negotiated monetary contribution for the bride called a mahr - this is not a dowry like we understand it.

Divorce is perfectly acceptable in Islam. In Iran they even have “temporary marriage” which is used as an excuse to fornicate. The Koran also permits polygamy - polygamy is adulterous because it dissolves the sexual bond between husband and wife.

Islamic scholars make a number of excuses to allow abortion. No Muslim country has banned abortion. The only places in the world which have done so are Catholic. Contraception is quite common in the Muslim world, and despite some official prohibitions on pornography, satellite TV and internet smut are rife.

Muslims must convert to the Catholic faith in order to be saved.

Think whatever you want about Islam as a religion but treat Muslims with dignity and respect. It’s that simple.

More importantly, Catholics must return to their Faith so that others can see the great Hope we have. The Muslims who see our great True Faith, can marvel at God the True God and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.


Pray for them - that Mary (who has her own chapter in the Quran) will lead them to her Son. “Coincidentally”, this arrived today in the Catholic World Report: catholicworldreport.com/Item/3207/the_quran_and_christianity.aspx

I give the Muslim religion little thought as I don’t believe it I was taught to respect everyone’s religious beliefs, and I have never acted against anyone due to their religion.
I am opposed to wife beating, female mutilation, stoning, cutting off of hands , child marriages; bombing of innocent people, the slaughter of surrendered soldiers, the destruction of buildings with planes hijacked; the bombing of Christian churches etc but I have been assured that these are acts of fanatical individuals and I am wrong to ascribe any world wide threat from any religion. So I have no problem with any religion. We must love our enemies, but I wish they would not go about showing their identities every week. I have only two cheeks to turn.

Spot on!

To address the OP, just remember to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

They are our brothers and sisters made in the image of God. We are all made by the same loving hand of God without exceptions.

I personally think of Muslims as reminders of our failure as Christians to live up to the holiness we are called to.

They are wrong, but not as wrong as they could be, and do generally have some truth, and with luck they (and us and everyone else) will come to Christ eventually, one way or another.

As for how to treat them - they’re just people. Be respectful, but no need to pretend differences don’t exist.

As to the “peaceful Muslim majority” well, here is some insight on that:


They worship the same God, but have some errors in understanding about his nature. (Essentially, they are an outgrowth of the Gnostic heresy.)

Most of them mean well. But also - know that they are called to convert everyone; it’s an article of faith, one of the several meanings of Jihad.

I’d say speak to Christians from Middle East here,there. Yup.:yup:

I’d say speak to Christians from Middle East here,there. Yup.:yup:

its a false doctrine:thumbsup:

  1. Do not start any discussions about religion at work. It will only lead to conflicts and is most likely counterproductive. You were hired to do a job, not have theological discussions.

  2. If someone asks a question about the Catholic Church, ask if you can defer the discussion until after work (see number one).

  3. Always be willing to state you don’t know the answer, especially when you don’t. Tell them you will get back to them. Then do careful research using Church approved resources.

Note, this applies to anyone, including lapsed Catholics, JW’s, Baptists, LDS, atheists, Buddhists, etc.

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