‘I don’t judge people and politicians’: Pope Francis skirts Trump question


Pope Francis said that we need to ‘knock down walls’ to boost freedom and rights

Pope Francis has declined to offer any comment about Donald Trump in a new interview, but said he was concerned about how political policies may affect the lives of the poor.

The interview with Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of Italian newspaper La Repubblica, was conducted on November 7, prior to the US election.



Legitimate concerns I think.

It would have been nice if Holy Father encouraged him to bring into fruition his pro-life commitment.


It’s no secret that Pope Francis is no fan of Donald Trump. It will be interesting down the road to see if they eventually meet face to face and how Pope Francis receives him. Probably not well.


I just don’t understand Pope Francis sometimes.

It’s not impossible to fight for the poor while upholding and defending Christian values passed down. They’re not mutually exclusive…

(Did I just commit a venial sin?)


Pope Francis shouldn’t comment. President Trump hasn’t signed any law that infringes on Freedoms and human rights. I didn’t vote for Trump but he is now the President and deserves a chance to bring the country together.


The Pope (whoever he is) always meets with the U.S. President (whoever he is) at some point in time. And the meeting is always cordial and friendly. I wouldn’t expect otherwise.


Did Pope Francis say otherwise? :confused:


I have a higher opinion of the character of Pope Francis than that. I think he will receive him very graciously.


Right. Popes tend to do that. I don’t know why anyone would ever expect otherwise, Benedict received Obama warmly rather than by giving him an angry scolding (despite the wish of some that he would do so). Pope Francis will do the same with Trump.


Perhaps I will be surprised, and I have no doubt Pope Francis will receive him at the Vatican, but there has been a marked difference in how he has treated several world leaders that have come to visit him at the Vatican, specifically the two presidents of his homeland of Argentina that have held office since he became Pope. I expect a subtle but noticeable difference in how Pope Francis greeted President Obama and how he eventually greets President Trump.



It’s more about the silence on some things than actual words. (Not counting the media misinterpretation.)


:shrug: Maybe the Holy Spirit will bless him with as much tolerance and charity as he seemed to have for … Barack Obama and Fidel Castro.

At this point we don’t really know if Trump will be as “good” as those two. :gopray2:

:eek: - If Francis comes to America again … will Trump give him one of his HATS?

And would he wear it?

:newidea: - Or would Francis give TRUMP a Hat?

:heaven: - Make America GOOD again! :dancing:


Okay, but your post is presuming that Pope Francis is opposed to “upholding and defending Christian values passed down.” I’d be very hesitant to level that accusation against our Holy Father based on what he has not said. That’s a pretty serious accusation. Passing on and protecting the deposit of faith is his job.


Why do you think that? What has pope Francis said that would lead one to that conclusion.


Pope Francis skirts Trump question

SKIRTS? :banghead:

It’s a ***CASSOCK … ! ***

:mad: - ***Ignorant mainstream media BUFFOONS! ***



HUH??? I must have fallen into a coma to have missed out on this. Can you further clarify your statement about Pope Francis’ having expressed contempt for anyone let alone Donald Trump?


Please, spare us!!:slight_smile:

" Some observers say… " That is how the link starts…:shrug:
And " other observers" ? What did they say? And those who think they saw him blink? Oh! And those who were passing by…what did they say???
I’ ll go do gardening. Better.
Do not get us into this one ,please. We have had enough already. Your election turn now. Break for us!!!:slight_smile: Next round in 3 years.:eek:
Peace and good will!:slight_smile:


Not congratulating Trump yet is a slap in the face to Trump and the millions of people (including catholics and non catholics who voted for him).

But no he doesn’t judge people…right…

I love my Catholic faith, but honestly this Pope has been a real disappointment…not in matters of faith/doctrine but in his condemnations and judgments against the USA and our freedoms. The USA has been ther greatest nation in the history of the world as to the charity of its citizens to help others in need — undisputable.

What would the world be like in there had never been a USA

I miss JP2 and Benedict a lot.

I apologize to any I’ve offended…peace


The world without you?
Very different. I would miss you a lot.
Take a break now!! You all need it !!:slight_smile:


I think we owe the Holy Father a little more benefit of the doubt than that.

The Vatican did issue congratulations through the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin:


Just because Pope Francis did not issue the statement personally doesn’t make it a deliberate snub of Trump in particular (let alone those who voted for Trump). He may simply have a general rule not to handle these things personally but to delegate it out. Or had Francis personally congratulated other world leaders upon their election making Trump the sole exception?

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