I don’t know if I am committing a sin

Hi I am worried I have committed a sin, is doing something that is not evil nor immoral but it might weirdly arouse you, one time I was playing a sinking ship video game and weirdly it aroused me could somone please help me

No one can help you.

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Sin is a deliberate action. If your body reacts involuntarily in any way, this cannot be a sin–the word “involuntary” literally means “without will,” and if you didn’t will something it can’t be a sin.

Given the number of posts you’ve made having to do with both video games and with whether or not something is a sin, it will be more helpful for you to seek the assistance of your priest in person. Asking questions on here is not going to help you form your conscience, and may give you a lot of contradictory answers. It is at least somewhat evident that you might be scrupulous, in which case continuing to post on here is only going to feed that compulsion. You might also want to limit your video game usage if that’s contributing to anxious thought patterns.



If you are playing the game to be sexually aroused then you have sinned.
Perhaps you are being overly scrupulous about the reasons you are playing. Scruples can become crippling if you don’t seek the proper help which you will not find on this forum. But simply experiencing arousal, although it might be distressing, is not a sin. Imagine if you was aroused by everything in life, imagine you was aroused all day long, that would be distressing but you still have to live in the world… You cannot punish yourself for something that is beyond your control.

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There’s nothing innappripriate in the video game it’s just a simply sinking ship survival game which weirdly can give me an erection I feel embarrassed saying the word but werildy that one thing gave me a erection

An involuntary response cannot be a sin.

Again, given your posting history, you really should seek out a priest to speak to about these kinds of things.



I am not playing the game to be aroused

Then it’s not a sin.

One cannot accidentally sin, nor is the involuntary act of arousal a sin.

There might be something wrong. Can you please talk to a psychologist or a priest. Don’t let yourself get too distressed about it.

Does this mean I can play the game still or I should stay away

Well, there certainly could be better ways to use one’s time than playing a game in which one escapes a sinking ship…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t / can’t, but spend some time outside, with family, doing some extra schoolwork, or praying

Ok thank you so much for your help

It also depends on why your watching, as other people have said. but it doesn’t sound like a good idea if you are bothered by how it’s affecting you.

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