I don’t know if this was a bad idea

So, this creepy dude has been saying creepy things to me and being pushy and I asked my campus church family (a bunch of college kids) about how to get him to leave me alone. They told me to give them his number and they would spam him with memes and puns until he left me alone. I did, but now I feel sort of bad for some reason. This is probably over-paranoid but is giving out someone’s phone number for a reason like that illegal?

Is this another student

Yeah, he asked for my number because he needed the notes for class, and then promptly started suggesting we hang out, figured out where I sit in class, told me I looked cute, and after a awkward conversation (on my part because I was giving generic answers) about tourist spots around here and how I don’t know how to fish he said he would have to teach me how and he could this weekend (which just screams bad idea and makes me wanna fling holy water at him). The kicker is that I didn’t know he existed before Friday, when he asked for my number.

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My church family told me they did tell him they’d explain why they were doing it

He finally replied to them and said he didn’t mean to be like that so that’s all taken care of now lol


Sounds like he was just trying to flirt. Did you ask him to leave you alone?


I’m not sure what you mean by “creepy,” but some guys are just awkward and don’t have much experience in how to approach a girl they may like. I was one of them many years ago because I was very shy. If he was saying crude things, well, stay away. Otherwise, being nice and letting them down easy may spare loss is some self confidence on their part. Or maybe you’ll make a friend.


It would have been more mature to simply tell the person in a polite way that you are not interested in them and please don’t message you any more, and then put his number on block.

Getting a bunch of friends involved to harass the person is rather juvenile behavior. You should be able to explain to him yourself, at least in the first instance. I can see calling your friends for “backup” if you’ve told him multiple times and he still won’t leave you alone, but that doesn’t seem to be what occurred if all this has transpired only since last Friday.

Edited to add, if he is actually saying crude things to you or acting in a way that makes you feel unsafe rather than just annoyed, report him to campus police.


I really don’t know why you called him creepy and then went on to describe a guy trying to get a date. Maybe he was awkward, maybe not. Maybe you just weren’t interested, or maybe you aren’t ready to date at all. But your reaction shows your own inexperience. Your friend’s involvement was unnecessary and honestly, juvenile on their part.

You don’t need to date anyone you aren’t interested in. But you should learn how to turn people down so that it is not some kind of “incident” and maybe just view him as a classmate and not a creepy guy.


Yes, take such interest as a complement and learn how to politely redirect,
to turn off the requests. “No, I’m not interested.”

It was kinda rude to leave that to your friends.


These are the sorts of thing a person says when they want to get to know someone else. He is asking you out. If you do not want to be his friend, tell him so.

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