I don't believe in future reforms reported by RT. Tortures, hazing, humiliations in Russian prisons all over the Russian Federation have a long incorrigible history


Shocking VIDEO shows torture in Russian prison, authorities launch probe


Read the gulag archipelago, it’s eye opening.


This YouTube is contrary to CAF rules.


The same thing is happening in the Russian army, hazing is often happening in boarding schools, and in ordinary schools it happens. In general, in the absence of democracy and states ruling authoritarianism, the whole country eventually becomes like a prison with a pyramidal despotic supervisory system.


Check out the basement of Trump Tower.


I have a book on the history of justice in the United States.
It describes the history of punishment, the living conditions of prisoners, the lunch menu of prisoners, and many other interesting things.
I do not even dare to state at what historical level in the American comparison is the Russian prison system, and the justice system.
It seems to me that in some regions of the North Caucasus and Siberia, The Russian prison can be compared to the early slave-owning period of the United States.


By the way, since we have touched upon this issue - the earlier Ukraine is integrated into European society and will break out of brotherly embraces of the elder brother, the more chances for reforms in the justice system and the attitude towards prisoners in our country too.
No reforms will also happen in Ukraine, with the brotherly embrace of the Northern neighbor.
That is, Ukraine has two ways, Euro integration and change, or the perpetual hopeless swamp of human rights violations, and trampled human dignity.


That was under the old system, I don’t think using videos from RT is verboten anymore as plenty of other people have used one and no-one’s clamped down on it.




I think the more newspapers write about it the better

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