I don't feel like wearing head covering. I don't like making obvious statements

I feel that wearing head covering would be a negative statement on my part: Okay I concede …I will show that am trying to be humble like all you mantilla wearing ladies at the TLM and I will wear this darned thing to show you how much I am trying.

There is no way I could wear the thing and not have all sorts of little distracting thoughts in my mind.

I want to love God and follow His Church. He has not said I have to wear a mantilla through His Church’s teachings so I don’t have to. Just as you don’t have to Pray the Sorrows of Mary devotion that I really like and benefit from.

Go ahead shoot me now!!! I am ready.:whistle:

In a NO Mass you should have no problem. So I won’t shoot you for not wearing one if you promise not to shoot me for wearing one.

Negative statement? How is showing respect and reverence a negative statement?

I have to wonder why distracting thoughts would be going through your head at a very reverent Traditional Mass just because you are wearing a head covering.:confused:

No shooting you here…but maybe the NO would be up your alley, [edited by Moderator]


Interestingly, after reading your post I thought I’d google about Catholic headcoverings. I’m beginning to think from my reading that I might start wearing one.

I almost bought one today, but none of my Catholic girl friends wear them, and I think it would just be weird for me :confused:


What is more important God or people?

God is truly present there at Mass, I think many people forget about that. I see people bopping along, all over my parish like it is some sort of auditorium.

Once we lose a sense of who\what God is and our relationship to Him it becomes all right to do what you want, instead of what you should do. It then becomes a struggle to genuflect, to kneel, to be silent in Church, to dress your Sunday best, to respect God as we forget that God is there and we start to just worry about the people and ourselves.

I was at a workshop at my diocese, and the teacher asked what I felt was better, if the person with the problem would feel better if we gave them an annulment.
I told her that what I feel or what the person feels doesn’t change the truth of God, we should be nice and try and not hurt feelings but God comes first.

These days many make the mistake of putting themselves before God. I feel like doing this, or I don’t like doing this, or I want to do this, and we end up with a human centered belief and practice.
(I want to sin, I don’t like to be chaste, I want to cheat, I don’t like to be honest, etc, etc. following Christ isn’t easy)

Put God first and the answer will come to you to do what is right.

In Christ

Start a trend - take a stand! :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s. It is possible that you could talk to some of your Catholic friends about it - I mean, if you all as a group go into church wearing head coverings then there wouldn’t be anything to be embarrased about.


I think that if you attend a Traditional Liturgy it would be wise to practice all the traditions of it (such as head coverings, but also to keep the traditional fast). Just my 2cents.


P.s. I’m not getting at you or criticizing. Just wanted to make that clear because the internet doesn’t really convey voice tonality nor intention.

It’s called “Tradition”. Tradition knows no fashion of the times.

Read this article.

I feel like wearing a hat to church would be a fashion statement, not a doctrinal statement, not a challenge or dare to others, and not a proclamation of my own spiritual perfection.

What is the equivalent for men to show humility before the Blessed Sacrament though? Why is it only women who should outwardly show this humility with a garment? I went to the Tridentine Mass a couple of weeks ago with my friend (a guy). I did not cover my head, it’s just not for me. There were some women who did. But i was not in a minority by any means. Maybe it was 50/50, i don’t know, I didn’t count. But what I did notice, was how casually the men were dressed. None of the women were that casual, even those of us not covering our head.

Not an equivalency issue, but I believe everyone is expected to genuflect on two knees. This is, I believe, also Scripturally-based.

Then don’t.


When you attend a TLM and do not cover IMHO a woman is making a very loud statement.

every tradition was at one time or another, a revolution.

At our local indult Mass, only about half the women wear head coverings. It’s purely optional.

First of all I’d like to say that I don’t have a problem with a head-covering of any kind. Nobody should be concerned about what others are doing as an act of devotion and nobody should be concerned about what others think. If you feeled that God wants you wearing one you should be wearing one. That’s between you and God and you sure should be wearing one if you think he wants you to do so.

Now that that is out of the way…It’s quite silly to think that if one is not wearing a mantilla that they are not putting God first or that not wearing head-covering is one step closer to Sodom and Gommorah. I am one who would die for the faith. I’ve been jailed for it already. I dress my best every Sunday and make sure that my six kids do too. I have belief in the Real Presence although I’m humble enough to pray “I believe, help my unbelief.” I do not think God wants a head-covering on me at this point because it distracts me from Him during the Mass. Someday my lot in life might change and I already constantly re-evaluate because nothing really stays the same with my situation. I absolutely do not want my girls wearing one at this point either because it is a distraction to them too (can you tell we’ve tried it). My husband also doesn’t want us wearing them. In fact, I’ve got to say that I love them but it would be going against what God wants me to do at this point in life.

I fear that this thread has probably scared some off from attending the TLM with its insinuations, suggestions and presuppositions regarding what people are doing and why. I find that sad because maybe those people are being called to attend the TLM.

I won’t shoot either one of you…unless you take to wearing one of those large brimmed wacky hats…that blocks my view. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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