I don't get this Pearls Before Swine episode


I don’t get this. It was the Sept. 11, 2002 episode, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it. What is the joke?

Not sure, but the message seems to be atheistic - don’t bother praying, because God won’t respond?

I don’t think it is very clever, but I think its a comment about the silence of God.

He seems to have other more favorable episodes about God, so I didn’t know. Like this one for instance just a few days before the one above. :slight_smile:



That was pretty good.

Maybe he’s patiently waiting for the answer?

i agree… with you and/or Christina

of course, it may also be saying that writing a letter is not the best way to communicate w/ God??

Hmmm… you may have a point there. :o

I thought that too. I’m also confused by it only being 1 day that he waits…

Maybe it means he is showing perseverance, patience, and persistence with his waiting??

I may think this may be part of it since he looks several times in the same day into the box. As if we ask God and expect immediate results? Who knows.

I am a big fan of Pearls Before Swine, but sometimes it is hard to understand Stephan Pastis’ comics. He could be trying to say that sometimes it seems as if God only answers certain prayers.

Unlike St. Paul, who was also sometimes hard to understand, we cannot always be sure that Stephen Pastis actually has something worth figuring out. This one just might be a dud. If anyone gets word from Pastis himself, it might be illuminating, but otherwise, if so many people who like his comics don’t get this one, it is not a good comic.

Any time you need to explain a joke it is not a good joke, The same thing applies to a cartoon!

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