I don't know how to love this person (? is mostly for Catholics)

Somebody told me they did not believe that the Catholics were or are Christian. I have heard a few people say this before, but I actually respected this person. We were not even discussing anything close to this subject. I do not know how to love this person. How do you as Catholics show these people love? I told her she was wrong, she defended opinion, and then I just said wow in a hushed tone and the conversation ended.

We show them love the same way Jesus did. We pray, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” :slight_smile:

Next time you have an opportunity,you might tell them it doesn’t get any more personal than the Eucharist.:wink:

:thumbsup: Exactly.

…and keep praying for them.

It’s hard to have ill feelings towards those we are praying for.

“All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” It’s hard when someone you respect falls off the beam like that, but we have to remember that our faith is in God; not in human beings.

I assume that you did not have a problem loving this person before you knew their opinion of the Church - so the only thing that has changed is your knowledge.
They remain the same person they were before this conversation came up right?

So - you show them love the same way you did before.

That said - I think it would be good to pursue this conversation with them. Gently - and over time…
You say that they defended their position. OK - take the things that they used in defense, obtain answers for these and, gently and charitably, present them to the person.
Over time the love of Jesus will open their eyes.



God bless you

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