I don't know what God really wants :(

I am a former protestant, I decided to convert to Catholic Church back in 2012, then officially became one this year.
When my family figured it out what I’ve done (like getting confirmed) they were very furious.
My catholic stuffs were being trashed away…
I was being told to forget about everything Catholic… never contact to (catholic)people, never sneak out to Church, never buy catholic stuffs…don’t even think about it forever.
They told me that I was lured by the Devil… really…wow…

I also felt that last year, God was calling me to become a religious … I was keep praying and praying; even asked for a sign–send a little bird to me. I was keep looking for it, but birds are everywhere! lol I forgot about it one day…
On the Annunciation day, this year, God really sent me a little bird while I was meditating in my home parish… little bird stayed until the Gospel reading and flew away. It was sitting near the Crucifix on the Altar. :slight_smile: So it’s the sign! God wants me to be a nun—I want to be a Carmelite, a cloistered one.

But look at me… like I mentioned earlier, I cannot practice my faith in my household.
It’s literally killing me. I haven’t gone to Mass almost month and half. :frowning: And it seems so impossible. What do you want from me, God? Oh, what a heavy Cross You gave me, Lord.
I can’t go out freely and visit Monastery… or phone call the sisters. Hard to understand, right?

But either as a religious, singleness, or marriage, I am open to God’s Will… just want to live my life as a dedicated Catholic…

Please pray for me, dear brothers and sisters.
You see, I’m not obviously giving it up. I may seem surrendered; obeying my parents because God told us to, but I am not going to abandon my Catholic faith. It’s very hard. I don’t even know what is gonna happen to me because of that. But I am hoping and praying that one day God will deliver me to live as a Catholic or as a Carmelite.

Thank you very much for reading my story. God bless +++

Obeying your parents does not mean you can skip mass. God comes first.

Are you over 18?

I was received into the Church as a young adult who was still living at home but even though my parent disagreed I still went to Church.
It was hard but got easier. My parent accepted me in time.

Show your parents that Catholics are good by your good example.

Keep praying to Jesus! Trust in him!

Don’t give up, Love.
Even some of the Saints had to wait before they could follow their vacation.
A canonized relative of mine was one of those. She had to support her family for some time as her father had absconded. And St Therese had to wait, but she used the time in praying and preparing herself. She’s even been to the Pope asking to become a Carmelite nun early, but still had to wait.

St Therese’s autobiography

An online chapel you can visit via webcam whenever you wish day or night. The sound is on during community prayer times.


Our loving prayers for you and your family.
God’s will be done.


If you really want to be a nun go visit a cloistered community and stop worrying about what your family thinks. Many have left family behind to follow God, and this may be what He is asking you to do.

If family is keeping you from the Church, and you really want to be Catholic then you must choose between the two. Catholic Church and life or family and life. Make a choice and don’t look back.


I think you will have to leave your family if you want to be a catholic. This is deplorable of them.

Are you over 18?



Look up this video on youtube: “Fr. Mike Schmitz How to Discern”

I know that you asked God for a sign, but it would be better to pray about it and listen for His answer since it is possible to take something that isn’t a sign as a sign. You could also talk to your pastor. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t become a nun, but just take time to make sure.

Also, while we are commanded to obey our parents, they do not have the authority to command you to commit a sin, i.e. skipping Mass. So you do not have to obey them in these things.

I will pray for things to get better for you.

God bless

P.S. If things get better to the point where you can have discussions with your parents about the Catholic Church, you can always come to the Catholic Answers Forum for help.

I was in the same situation when I was younger. Mom confiscated all of my religious things and forbade me from going to Church.

Be strong. God has a way of softening hearts, and making things work out. (My once antiCatholic mom supports me now.)

I’m actually preparing to enter a cloistered monastic community.

One thing I’ve learned is that, as discernment is concerned, good things come to those who wait. You’re not going to leave your family and take your vows tomorrow. Just give it some time.

Thank you for your comment… It’s a very lonely and tough to be a catholic in my household.

Wow… which monastery are you going to join?
How long have you been preparing???
I used to and still want to join the Carmelites in San Jose.

God bless you!!! <3;)

In the interest of privacy, I will answer these in a private message. :slight_smile:

This is an awesome topic to pursue! I don’t know what God wants either; however, being Catholic isn’t an issue, discerning religious life isn’t an issue… My issues are along the lines of how to be just and maintain scruples in the USA 2014.

Like seriously, what really is ethical?

I know I am not a nun and never will be but man is it hard to face the world and not give so much of yourself that you become homeless and not hold back so much of yourself that you become greedy and selfish. I think that living justly within mainstream America is extremely difficult.

For instance “go green” — who lost their job because you stopped putting gas in your car and bought a bus pass?

And then let’s say you volunteer to do something to help but you can’t foot the whole bill like the organization assumed you would so you navigate explaining your limits and hope nobody is defensive about it.

I really think all people are crazy to some point. And then when you interact with others we all may be speaking English but I still have no clue what people are really saying.

I think for the person who initiated this thread. Just know you can be catholic if you want. But while you live under your parents roof obey their rules and if it means pray in silence do it. You aren’t in charge of converting people and move out of that house as soon as you can.

Blessings to everyone!

I think obeying to God is more important to obey to our parents. If we want to go to Mass, even if our parents doesn’t want, we should go.


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