I don't know what the word is but are there people in the world with a "bad tongue?"

Okay so my mom was just ranting about how my godmother has a “bad tongue”, where she would say something and after, it would become the opposite. For example, growing up, my godmother would say things like “Oh your daughters will grow very tall in the future, taller than you guys!” to my parents while we were growing up and well, we’re short (I’m taller than my mom and 4’10) and genetically, my parents are too so that would make me short. Another thing that my mom was ranting about was how on Easter, my godmother gushed on how my mom has such nice skin and is so healthy in front of many people and really over exaggerated situations . Now, my mother is sick. I mean there are other explanations for this and but I am kind of scared. My mom even said that there are priests that say there are people who over exaggerate physical qualities and that it will affect the person they are saying it to and they have a “bad tongue”. I hope you guys understand what I mean, it’s kinda hard to explain. I mean this could be just superstition and all.

Actually from what I heard that it’s a curse or something if someone compliments you, but deep inside they envy you.

You are just being superstitious. There is no such thing. Respect your godmother and learn to appreciate complements when they are given.

I am sure there is a name for that behavior. Maybe contradictory inclined. She probably doesn’t know that it is a bad habit. It would be annoying. She may believe in turning everything to a positive, you think?

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