I don't know what to do anymore, shall I leave Catholicism?

I have just converted to Catholicism, and my gradmother who goes to my old Protestant church keeps trying to recruit me into non denominational Protestantism because she feels I need to be in a bible believing church and the pastors keeps telling me I’m part of the whore of Babylon and say we kill Jesus every communion and all these other Catholic lies, and it seems my grandmother started to treat me different ever since I converted. Since she’s a former catholic, she keeps trying to tell me she’s trying to help me because she had a experience saying mass Is boring and saying it false etc.

She also wants me back in the Protestant church because my church dosent have youth groups, and my grandmother wants me in a church with “bible believing” Christian teens.

Plus not only do I have to hear it from my grandmother, but my Jehovah witness friends want to convert me too! Even though I keep saying no thank you to both my grandmother and Jehovah witness friends, they continue saying Catholicism is false.

What shall I do? I’m just so stressed :frowning: shall I just leave Catholicism to make them happy? I mean the Catholic church is the true church but I don’t try converting them!

God Bless

You should not leave your faith just to make anyone happy. Learn about the Church and be prepared to defend her against the arguments re: communion, the bible and so forth. there are plenty of knowledgeable members here that can provide plenty of information. Above all, pray for them, that they may have a conversion of heart. live your faith and be an example. It will be hard, but I believe will be worth it.

Your very purpose in this life is not to please your family and friends, but to please God. Does God want you to leave Catholicism? No? Then most certainly never do so, no matter what anyone else on this planet says.

The martyrs for the faith would rather die and suffer torture than leave the faith. Can you really not handle some people calling you names?

Tell them to stop, immediately. If they do not, then tell them you will cut ties with them because their words hurt and you do not deserve to be the target of them.

Knowing the truth that exposes the distortions, misrepresentations (and sometimes even lies) sure helps. Since the attacks on your faith come from the perspective of evnagelical protestants and JWs, read catholic authors that have experience with those backgrounds in order to learn how to respond.

Karl Keating’s "Catholicism and Fundamentalism’ is one such excellent source (though the example fundie personalities are a bit dated now). This one was a HUGE comfort to me at a time when I felt like Davy Crockett at the Alamo. Might work for you too!

Patirck Madrid’s ‘Surprised by Truth’ series of books are a collection of catholic conversion stories that are quite encouraging.

Both are readily available online.

You are in the right place :smiley:

If you have questions posed to you that you are unable to answer, than bring them here :thumbsup:

You have a great opportunity to explore your faith here at Catholic Answers and defend your faith against those who attack it.

Try not to get angry with them as Servant of God Fulton Sheen once said “There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.”

Peace and Love in Christ :highprayer:

I don’t think you should leave the church just because others want you to. And maybe others can tell there is some pressure on you to please your grandmother, and they are adding to it because they hope it might cause you to run towards what they believe. A guy who is JW tells me he wants to convert me all the time. I know I would never be happy in a faith that did not acknowledge Christ as Lord. The JWs don’t believe in the trinity, so they don’t think Jesus is God.

And the youth group I went to as a teen allowed Catholics to come and hang out. You wouldn’t have to leave the Catholic church to find a youth group. There might even be a Catholic church in your area that has a youth group. So if you were interested in that, leaving your church is not the only way to get to know other Chrisitan teens. As long as you didn’t allow any of them to try to force you to believe anything against your beliefs.

One of the most difficult things you have to do is stand by your convictions. I am constantly having my mother-in-law (Baptist) one of my best friends (LDS) and some co-workers (Muslim) trying to get me to convert…

but I am where God wants me

and so are you

Pray for them, evidently they won’t be praying for you.

Also remind them who wrote the Bible :wink:

Dear child of God,

Remember all the martyrs that were persecuted for their faith long before you and I. If it were not for them none of us, including your family, would be able to consider ourselves Christians.

I feel for you deeply and pray your stresses are relieved soon. Your situation sounds so much like mine in that I have had to remove myself from all social contact from my JW family, including my mother. Its hurts deeply but I know where I must be to serve God.

Peace and blessings to you!!!

You’re not only in a Bible believing Church, you get to read the entire Bible, not just 66 of the 73 books that are supposed to be in it. And you’re in the Church that God used to collect all the inspired writings together and bind them into a single book that is now known as the Bible. And you’re in the Church that made sure that the Bible your grandmother and we hold so dear, made it through the 1600 years from it’s inception to now despite Satan trying to destroy it, orchestrating the killing of owners and distributors, burning it, outlawing, and generally doing everything he could to get governments, false religions, etc. to keep her from never having a chance to read God’s Word.

You are in the Church that God created before He created the Bible. Then He gave the Bible to that Church to yet another tool to save all of us. Where was her Bible in 34AD? Where was our Church? One was at the foot of the Cross weeping tears for our Lord. The other was over 300 years away from being gifted to us…

There is a reason you became Catholic. Has that reason changed? If not, then you are where you need to be. To say the Catholic Church is not a “Bible-believing” Church is ludicrous.

You have my prayers that God will comofrt you in word and sacrament.


Do you live with your Grandmother? She needs to respect your wishes and leave you alone.
Also if your JW friends can’t respect your choice, then it is time to find some new friends. If your parish does not have a youth group then try to find one that does to attend and make new Catholic friends. You might not have confidence being new to the faith but this is your chance to grow and become confident and not be controlled by others. I suspect your grandmother is a controlling person. You night have to face the possibility of less contact and involvement with her (and your so called friends) if they are bothering you about being Catholic.

God love you, it’s never easy when people misunderstand what you believe, especially when they are close to you. I would say that the best thing to do is to learn about the faith not leave it, so you can point out where they are mistaken. And so you can show them the reason for the hope that is in you (cf. 1 pt 3:15). For instance:
*]That you are already in a bible believing church
*]That we are not the whore of babylon
*]That we don’t kill jesus at every Holy Mass
We will always be happy to help you anyway we can.

God bless and keep you

I can relate to your problems with family because I have suffered with the same problem, having come from a Southern Baptist background.

My father continuously reminds me that I am making a huge mistake in remaining Catholic.
He belongs to a fundamentalist faith that keep the original Saturday sabbath holy (no, not the Seventh Day Adventists- they are too moderate for him).

My meager advice to you is to simply read everything that you can on the Catholic faith, and be prepared to defend yourself on the doctrine, sacraments, apostolic succession, hierarchy, etc. You must also be prepared to accept the fact that your grandmother will probably not ever accept your decision to remain in the Church.

You must not let anyone ever let you consider abandoning the Church founded by Christ. This would be a huge mistake with eternal consequences for you and your soul.

Keep the faith. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Have you considered setting boundaries on these discussions and simply saying the topic is off-limits? Then walking away if people around you insist? Are you less than 18 years old? Do you have control over your life?

If you refuse to be engaged, after a while, people will learn to drop the subject. Jesus predicted this in the Gospels.

And it’s an insult to say we, which includes you, aren’t " Bible believing." Leave the Church? No. Draw some lines and stick to them.

I am very sorry you are experiencing hardship from your family and friends. NO! Do not leave in order to make them happy! They are not the ONES who will save you,but God alone. Ask them to show you were in their Bibles God personally gave them authority to pass judgement on others? Are they exempt from the Commandment about no bearing false witness?

Do not listen to them. I find it so amazing the amount of hatred some have against the RCC. Their hatred for the RCC is stronger than their love for God!

JWs are difficult because I don’t see them as Christian. They do. You might want to google and see what they believe.

Be respectful and kind to grandma. You might ask her who compiled the Bible? The first book off the Gutenberg press was the Catholic Bible. It was not the Protestant Bible.

Is she aware that we read the Old Testament and the New Testament (Gospel) at every Mass and if one attended for three years, you would have read the whole Bible?

Ask her where in the Bible it says “Sola Scriptura”. She can use her King James. It is not in there.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, say you don’t know but you’ll find out and tell them.

If she believes in the Bible, then why don’t they believe Christ when he said “This is My Body, this is My Blood.” ? I don’t understand that at all.

Sure hope you don’t leave - it sounds like your faith is sincere but there are people whom you want to respect because they are your elders and such. That’s admirable. But in this case God led you to His Church so please pray for the strength to listen to Him first.

As others have mentioned you can attempt to prove the Catholic faith, but you might also be outnumbered and outgunned right now when your Catholic Faith is brand-new. Only you can know how strong you are. Remember Jesus said to His own Apostles on the eve of His crucifixion to pray that they not be put to the test.

Be respectful and as diplomatic as possible to the people who are unhappy with your decision, if discussing it is only going to lead to pointless arguments at present. Just give them a simple yet firm answer “This is what I’ve chosen and I appreciate your concern but can we please not argue?” or something like that.

Meanwhile, pray and keep studying your newfound Catholic faith. Do you have a Youcat youth Catechism? That might be something you could get - maybe a used copy on Amazon if your budget is tight.

Also see if you can Google some young saints and martyrs around your own age. Even though they lived in different times, they can be a source of inspiration, and you can pray to them. :thumbsup: And I will pray for you.

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