I dont know what to do!


My parents and I have just had a big arguement tonight about past issues and they said that we are not going to mass tomorrow so we can talk all this out tomorrow. Am I sinning if I dont go? I dont have a car just Dads car and I cant take it with out him saying I can


Can you call a friend to pick you up? Is there a Sunday evening Mass you can go to instead?


Let them know that you will be much more recptive to listening to them after you’ve all gone to Mass?


Not going? At a time when y’all need it the most!

This is not your fault if you’re under lockdown.

But tell your father- “Dad If we dont’ go to Mass today, I’m NOT gonna be the one held accountable.”


Well, you didn’t say how old you are…but unless you are an adult, your father is your religious superior in that he is the head of the domestic church which you are a part of in your family. Our God expects us to be obedient to our religious superiors. I recall some saints saying that God expected them to obey their religious superiors even if that person was wrong.

That being said, when your dad tells you that you are not going to Mass tomorrow for no good reason (isn’t there 23 other hours in the day to talk?), he is committing a sin both for himself not going and ordering you not to go. I wouldn’t bring it up in a confrontational way, but asking the question “but aren’t we committing a mortal sin by not going to Mass?” would take care of it in my opinion.



A child has no obligation to be obedient to his parent if that parent commands him to sin. This obligation to obedience is conditional, in this respect.


I stand corrected. But perhaps I didn’t explain my thoughts well enough. I don’t think that he should take the car without permission…that’s more what I was trying to get at, to be obedient in that respect.


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