I don't know where to ask this, first time to post, Did I commit a mortal sin?

Hey first time posting

Im struggling with SSA, and during a free time in work, I downloaded gay dating apps out of curiosity. I opened it,though I didnt see anything and immediately uninstalled it. I have scruples, and I don’t know if what i did is amortal sin.


If you have scruples, asking a priest is your best course of action. The people on this forum are not trained theologians so they may err in their assessments and often times there is disagreement which would on confuse you further. Furthermore it has been mentioned in threads prior where an ordained priest/deacon has mentioned a tendency to border on scrupuosity with some issues and the last thing you would need, especially as a self-admitted scrupulous person, is moral advice from a near-scrupulous person.

I think it was St Francis de Sales who said that when an elephant comes into the room you don’t fail to notice it. When we sin mortally, it’s apparent to a Christian with a well-formed conscience.

If purity of heart is our goal in the service of the Lord, we need to guard our senses especially when using technology.

Objectively the sin would lie in the decision to install the app and your intention behind that but God’s grace came to your aid and you reversed your initial decision. For this you should thank God.

If you examine your conscience and you feel unsettled, go to Confession before you next receive Holy Communion and confess what you’ve done. Pray for wisdom and the grace of purity of heart.

It would also help to do some study from the Catechism on the difference between venial and mortal sins. It’s not rocket science and it should be something a Christian - with the help of God’s grace - should be able to work out without too much trouble.

The Lord has called us to live in peace and to enjoy the freedom of the sons of God. I pray God’s peace for you and freedom in his service.

God bless.

What would you do if the answer was yes? What would you do if the answer was no? Isn’t the answer the same for both? Go to confession. There are plenty of other things you can occupy your mind with.

Almost certainly not a mortal sin, but I agree that this conversation would be better had with a priest to help you discern some of this stuff. Maybe check out of Courage? It’s a group that helps Catholics who experience SSA live out the Church’s teaching.

Good luck!

Just two pieces of advice from someone who also has scruples and who has been reading this forum regularly for three or four years now:

(1) Asking people on the internet to help with very delicate questions is not a good idea. For scruples, the most that this does is pick at a sore. Don’t entrust your soul to anonymous screen names. None of us have any business trying to help examine your soul, and it can be sinful to try to usurp an authority we don’t have.

(2) Whenever I have made the mistake of seeking specific answers online, there’s always a group of answers that turns out to be completely the opposite of what a trusted priest told me later. No matter what folks online think or what they’ve read or how smart they are, the vast majority haven’t been properly formed. Do entrust your soul to a good and holy priest in Confession.

No, but close. No cigars. No pat on the back either. Go to confession. Go to Utube and find all the uplifting, spiritual videos. There is an old saying; “Curiosity killed the cat.” Don’t be the cat. Peace and prayers.

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