I don't know who else to turn to...


I don’t know who else to turn to…but I still need prayers and lots of them for myself and my husband. I know I have asked over and over, but our situation never gets better, only worse.

I am a mess physically, psychologically, and spiritually. I am sad all the time and just want to die due to illness and loneliness (as my husband has to work so much) and infertility. I want a baby so bad, my heart aches so much I feel like it might burst. The pain in my body is great and seems like it just gets worse. But the doctors can’t find anything new wrong. I can’t get out of the house much otherwise I get sick. My family lives eight hours away. I have no friends. I feel trapped and imprisonated. And I feel SO far from God. :frowning: I thank God for my husband, but wish I could see him more.

My husband is struggling SO hard just to make ends meet. His boss keeps putting more and more on him. He can’t get a second job with all of this, and it makes me sick to think he’ll be gone even more when he does. But it is absolutely necessary. We are really pinching pennies. Because of all of this, my husband is so emotionally and physically drained, though medically healthy. I feel like its all my fault. I worry about him getting sick and dying from all the stress. :frowning:


Praying… :byzsoc:

Please, try to pray… read prayers out loud from a book, even if you can’t concentrate, even if you don’t mean it.

It WILL get better. God knows you can’t take this forever. Just give it all over to Him.

God bless you!


I will most definitely be praying for you & your husband. :crossrc:


I will pray for you and your hubby tonight when I pray my night prayers.


I pray that you find the friends and support you need to carry your cross, and that this time of trial passes soon.


My prayers for you.

I am going through something of a rough patch at the moment as well - not trying to compare it with yours, simply to say that I know some of where you’re at right now.

I’ve been through such things before and always come out the other end even when tempted to doubt it. So will you.


Praying for you.


:byzsoc::console: :hug3: :byzsoc:


I’m praying for the both of you. I’m going through some terrible difficulties at the moment, and I was advised to continue praying to God, and other people’s intentions while going through trials. It does help.:signofcross:


I will pray for your intentions.


Dear Convert in 99…are you receiving medical treatment and are you able to talk with your parish priest? If you find you cannot confide to your parish priest, have you thought of a priest in a religious order, or perhaps an order of nuns who do social work. They are often skilled in counselling.
St. Rita of Cascia is the patron of desperate causes/causes that seem hopeless. She is a favourite of mine and I will keep you in prayer…

St. Rita of Cascia: catholic-forum.com/saints/saintr01.htm
Patronage abuse victims;against loneliness; against sterility; bodily ills; Dalayap, Philippines;desperate causes; difficult marriages; forgotten causes; impossible causes; infertility; lost causes; parenthood; sick people; sickness; sterility; victims of physical spouse abuse; widows; wounds


I have experienced infertility and praise God I have 2 beautiful children.I know what it feels like to imagine a life without children.I will be praying for you and your husband.


Convert in 99,

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