I don't see it as pro choice


We all here the anti abortion argument of pro choice. 1st let me say that I am 100% pro life. I believe in pro choice as well but what I view as pro choice To me a pro choice is any decision you make for YOURSELF that doesn’t have any negative consequences on others. With that being said I don’t view suicide as pro choice and that includes people that have lougarigs because someone who kills themselve is going to hurt all the people that love them that is still on alive. I don’t see abortion as being pro choice, even more so then suicide because you are not making a decision for yourself, you are deciding for an unborn child that they aren’t going to live. What do all of you think? I just bring this up because I don’t really see validity in the pro choice argument against abortion.


I certainly agree with what you’re saying. Not to mention the fact that in abortion the baby is being denied all the choices it could have made in its life…

Have you spiritually adopted an unborn baby? If you do, you are saving both the baby and the mother - the baby from losing its life, the mother from the suffering her abortion will cause her.


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