I don't think so? I don't think so

Just had to. Don’t know what else.

Don’t think what?

What are you posting about?

I agree with you 100%.

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I don’t think. So?

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We have great intellectual conversations arising



Coffee ? :coffee:

Nah, milk :milk_glass:

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So, what?

To everyone who is generally confused, this is a lighthearted joke on the threads “‘blank blank blank’? I don’t think so”.

Now I’m even more confused :sweat_smile:

You might not think so, but it’s so very obvious.

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Exactly my point

how i felt after watching one episode of “why aren’t you catholic”
how i really am


You don’t think so? Perfect! I’ll tell you what to think. We’ll start with voting :roll_eyes:, and then move on to which form of the Mass is the best :church: :pray:

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What are we voting for, and the obvious answer to the best form of the Mass is all right here

Great Catholic cathedral, right, guys?

Hmmm… That looks like old Moroni up top blowing his horn. Methinks that’s an LDS temple :thinking:

And as for voting, I was kidding. I like it when the Casual Discussion section stays politics free! :smile:

We can change that quickly.

Oooh Fox Neewwwwwws! I’ve got a thread for you to invade!

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