I don't trust myself :/

Hey friends. So, I think I have a tendency to be scrupulous and I don’t really trust my conscience. For example, there was something I thought might be a sin so I asked 3 people about it - they all said it wasn’t a sin. But I was still worrying about it … so then I got to thinking if I violate my conscience isn’t it still a sin, even though the action itself might not be sinful if I think something might be sinful and go ahead and do it anyway isnt it a sin? … I think of Romans 14:23 “If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.” But … then I also know I tend to be scrupulous, so if I start telling myself everything is a sin I can’t do anything! But I don’t want to just use scrupulosity as an “excuse.” Plus, maybe I am not actually scrupulous I am just exaggerating.

ug i always joke around about ocd but what if i actually have it :confused:

so anyway just wondering if a) said action would be a sin and b) how to get a better formation of conscience. I am going to be a nurse so I will not really have time to second guess my decisions so I really want to be solid on knowing right and wrong. I always ask Jesus for guidance and He knows that I love Him and am doing the best I can… but that doesn’t excuse sin…

A forum isn’t where one will get the best answers, you need a regular confessor who knows about your scrupulosity. But as to the quote from St. Pauls Epistle to the Romans, one cannot accidentally sin. Heres an article you may want to read catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=3739

God bless, and will pray for you!

Thank you that was very helpful :slight_smile:

And yes, I generally try not to rely on online sites/forums but thought i might be able to get some helpful advice like your article if I asked.

Praying for your intentions.

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