I don't understand His allowance

Short and sweet. I received an e-mail a while ago telling me all that terrorism will happen, that America isn’t prepared, etc. And we all know about 9/11. and all the bad things that happen around the world. My question: Why would God allow these things to happen?

What your asking is a perfectlly legitimate question, and one that believers since Job have asked. If God is good, why do bad things happen?

Too many believers just say, “It’s part of Gods plan” or “Have faith”. Those answers are not good enough.

One thing that is crucial to remember is that God gave humans free will. We can choose to do good, or do evil. While free will does make some people do evil, it also makes some people do good.

Also something to remember-Evil doers will pay, maybe not in this world, but certianly in the next.

I don’t know if these answers will help. Sometimes they don’t help me either, and I wonder what God is thinking. I know, intellectually, that I’m not him. Does that help me emotionally? No. But it is a start.

God Bless.


Evil is caused by free creatures. God permits it to bring out of it a greater good - for example, redemption out of Christ’s death.

I doubt very much if God is revealing himself through e-mail these days. a better question is why would we allow ourselves to be upset and angry with God and question his ways based on a random claim made by e-mail. If if everything the message said is true, how is that God’s fault. He created perfect humans with a free will and placed them in a perfect world, and almost their first action was deliberate complete disobedience to his only commandment. Human history has been acted out on this plan ever since. It is called original sin.

Don’t blame God for the sins of mankind

One thing I believe people overlook is the fact that even though God is merciful and longsuffering,America,my America,is guilty of Murdering Millions of inocent babies.One of the lessons the OT.teaches us is when people turn their backs on the Lord,the Devil has the oppourtunity to wreck havoc on those people.There is still time for us to repent but,not much time before we see much more evil.

Thank you for your responses.

I think the best approach to questions like these is to ask you to describe a world in which these things couldn’t happen. What would that world look like? Or, to ask it another way, if you were God, how would you have designed the world differently?

I think you will find this a very useful exercise.

First God is always in control, whether actively or passive. Nothing happens by surprise and it all does become part of the plan until the earth is made new again.

If God chose to punish Sodom and Gomorrah, He can chose to punish any city, land if He so choses.

While the toll of 9-1-1 was aweful, think about how many people were supposed to be there that morning. Something like 50,000 people. There have been a multitude of stories of this person or that person being delayed for so many different reasons that far far fewer showed up for work.

That too was God at work.

Has anyone seen the movie Knowing (Nicolas Cage)? I think that is an interesting speculation on this question.

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