I dont understand why people let this happen

Just another sad story from around my way…


Long story short…9th grader, goes to homecoming dance…comes out, her dad’s waiting fo her out front, before she gets there, another student comes up and asks her to follow him to the back, there a group of kids are all hanging out, she has a drink- or two who knows, but it ends up being this gangrape…at least 7 attackers and about 20 or so people…just…there…watching. this lasted over 2 and a half hours…

trip out on this though…those people watching, were recording it with their cell phones and sending text msgs to other students and friends…the person who ended up CALLING the police and even notifying them, was someone who recieved one of these msgs and thought, hey…it kinda sounded or looked like it could be true…they were on the other side of richmond…

i know…that…messed up stuff happens…i wont go into, things ive seen and/or been thru, but i GIVE A DAMN…if you see a 15/16 yr old girl being gangbanged by a crowd…beaten…how can you just stand there idle??? i mean, even if you walk away to go around the corner and call the cops for fear of being thrown into the mix, do that! do something!!

and i know its a bad comparison but thats how i feel about this freakn country in general…the way people just accept abortion…the killing of innocent children, right on main streets in places like planned parenthood…and they drive right by…just like they dont see it…

ahhhhhHHHHHH…im sorry…i just get frustrated

I heard about this too. Didn’t know her dad was waiting out front…what was he doing for 2 1/2 hours? Not blaming him, just wondering…if my kid were even 15 minutes late getting out, I’d be looking for her. But that’s beside the point.

The whole mob mentality thing really kills me. Just go to a hockey game and you’ll see it–people cheering on the players whenever they get into a fight. It’s no different really…there’s something so primal in it…then there’s the fear thing. No one wants to break it up for fear of retaliation. And you have to admit, in a place like Richmond, or parts of San Jose and Oakland, it’s a real concern. Still, you have to stand up at some point and forget about your own skin to help someone else.

Wait…you lost me…

Long story short…9th grader, goes to homecoming dance…comes out,

Comes out? So the dance is over and she leaves the place?

her dad’s waiting fo her out front,

OK, it sounds like the dance is over and her dad is there to pick her up.

before she gets there,

OK, before she gets to her fathers car… is that correct?

another student comes up and asks her to follow him to the back, there a group of kids are all hanging out, she has a drink- or two who knows, but it ends up being this gangrape…at least 7 attackers and about 20 or so people…just…there…watching. this lasted over 2 and a half hours…

This is where I’m lost.

The dance is over
She leaves and makes an exit
Her dad is waiting for her
She gets called over by a bunch to idiot teens & joins them

And she’s gone for 2 1.2 hours??? :confused: :confused:

Where is the waiting father in this picture??? :confused:

Where were the chaperones? The girl is gone for two plus hours, her Dad is there but doesn’t go looking for her? You have 21 yr. old and a 19 yr. old on the school property? And this is a high school dance. No security guard is walking the outside and inside of the bldg. and no one sees this for two plus hours.

Might be a good idea for safety to keep the kids in the auditorium until the dance ends. OR if the parent comes inside to pick up one’s kid.

oh no…your not lost…your right on track - just confused as i am…

i’m not sure if, the dance was over- i think it wasnt, because it doesnt make any sense for her dad to be waiting out front for her, for 2 and a half hours without being worried, but i do know, that at some point he showed up and was waiting…

i would assume, that she came out early, the attack begin, lasted 2 1/12 hrs, during which the dance ended and her father arrived. But he wasnt the one who called the cops…didnt think any unusual, so he couldnt have been waiting that long, you know???

the next day after it happened they interviewed the school principle and he was almost down playing it, saying theyve NEVER had an incident like this, it was an isolated incident…they had all the staffing and proper security measures etc…i care less personally, it happened RIGHT BEHIND THE GYM where the dance was- so many people seen, no body did anything…that school should be totally held partly responsible…

the 911 call was released…keep in mind that the girl calling is NOT at the school, shes on the other side of richmond, with some other kids, who heard/seen it…you know, they all just left her there, naked…behind the gym inbetween some dumpsters…


I know this will sound extremely crazy to most parents…but if someone wanted to take to the polls that only those 18 and over may drive…I’ll go for it!

What happens is that most parents feel relieved, out of convenience, to let kids drive themselves, and their friends, around…and sometimes this causes ‘mis-communication’…

the father might have thought…‘I think I told her I would pick her up…but maybe she forgot and went home with friend x instead…’

Obviously, he in all probability didn’t wait in his car for 2.5 hrs., either he left or he was looking for her, but not where she was. Though it seems like they must have made a lot of noise, no?

This is EXTREMELY sick! If I had a kid in that school, I would move! :frowning:

Evidently, they were doing some sort of strong chemical, because that is just not normal, and for those many people to act so anti-socially, not just the attackers but also those watching and recording it! Sick!!!:mad:

Pray for everyone involved, please. :slight_smile:

I think you’re right. The widespread acceptance of abortion is destroying this country. It has already destroyed much of Europe.

I know of few who do not own cell phones. And if I was there on time and she wasn’t, I’d be asking to use the speaker system. I would NOT be sitting in my car happily waiting.

School is TOTALLY responsible. Major bucks.

“Saturday’s events started with a vigil in front of the school. Josh Sanchez, a 15-year-old sophomore at Middle College High School in Richmond, attended to offer his support. He shook his head when asked about the students who watched the rape without reporting it. ‘It’s probably peer pressure,’ he said. ‘People are worried. Maybe they feel that they don’t want to be the only one stepping up and then they would be made fun of or ridiculed.’” - San Jose Mercury News, 11/1/09.

I know this is just one student’s explanation, and that he’s young… but come on… that is insanity.

Well, ok you guys might rip me up for this one, but i understand- to a point. There is a set of …i guess…street rules…that are totally different from…what normal people go by…im sure ya’ll are familiar with the term ‘snitch’…i myself am not a ‘cop caller’ lol…i wont go into details but its more for self protection TRUST ME…

but were talking, drug deals…gang shootings…theres certain things you just dont talk about…

now if i was walking down the street n seen some random little girl getting raped- thats outside of even those unspeaken rules…anyone whos ever been to prision will tell you when it comes to rapists and pedophiles, all bets are off…

then again…im comin’ close to 30…and thats how we used to operate…i fear that younger generations might warp this into a free for all anything goes kinda deal…it just seems more and more like people have less respect for life…and these kids growing up, theyre learning that…and… well…look whats happening…

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