I don't want your prayers.

Ok. I hope you feel better soon dear friend.

God bless;)

Any reason why?

… but sometimes you get them anyway, especially after you say you don’t want them.

I hope the bad spirit that brought on that comment dissipates soon.

I said a Hail Mary for you anyway.


Are you just fishing for responses?

O.K., I guess you don’t realize how sorry-*** this thread looks. It reflects poorly on you. Buck-up. It can’t be that bad. Anyway, Whatever.

getting 'em anyway I imagine…

:yup: Yup.

Lord, we don’t know what’s going on with our friend, but we know that he (and all of us) need you. Be with him in his sadness, his uncertainty, when he is tempted. Help him to turn to you and remember how much he is loved. Amen.



I don’t pray, so I will continue to keep you in my thoughts.

Keep yourself well, think about things changing, and how it can be better in time. This is the saddest thread I have ever read. I wish I could do something.



‘Ask and ye shall receive’, though it didn’t happen this time.

This thread has brought out a lot of goodness in people. Thanks.


I did some reading, and searching. I don’t know your faith well enough to give any tips to you on how to cope with this.

Are you able to contact someone in your local catholic charities diocese, for emergency help?

Google catholic charities with your archdiociese name, and click on the links to find help.
you may have done this and are getting even more frustrated reading my suggestion, for that, I ask you have mercy on me for suggesting it. It just seems queer to me that you have been reaching out for help for so long, in this catholic setting, and still are not getting help.

Can’t the catholic church do something to help?

I live in a big city, and can go to many different churches if I wished to. Can you find another christian that can help you now? I am not suggesting leaving your church, or your faith, but just saying if they really are sisters and brothers, is it wrong to seek them out now in this time?
I don’t know if that is even a violation of your CCC.
But I do know Jesus said,

If 2 or more are gathered in my name, I am there.

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