I don't watch much TV, but

**I do get a kick out of some commercials.

Some commercials are more entertaining than the shows themselves, and some commercials just annoy me so bad I can’t see straight.

But one “series” of commercials I absolutely love is the Progressive Insurance commercials with dark-haired, heavy-lipsticked, over-enthusiastic “Flo”,

Do you know which one I mean?

How does everyone else feel about “Flo”?**

I like that commercial too…

My favorite is the e trade baby…

I’ve been watching the NCAA tournament, so a lot of the commercials I’ve seen over the last few weeks are “guy” commercials (I’m a gal).

The one I really like (current commercials) is the guy who is trying to sneak the Taco Bell nachos into the stadium, so he dresses in drag and sticks a plastic globe (containing the nachos) under his shirt to appear pregnant. So cute!

I also love the Direct TV ad where the clever ad executive comes up with a sure-fire slogan to sell their shoddy product–“Get Youthenized.” Everyone is congratulating him…it’s so funny!

One of the best ads is that Coke a Cola ad where the young man is sweating-hot, and he sees Coke bottles in everything he looks at. It’s like a Where’s Waldo game. We actually slowed down the commercial to try to find the image of the Coke bottle in each segment–it’s fascinating.

I’m really looking forward to the Final Four games–the commercials during those are sometimes as good as the Super Bowl ads.

My family and I love those etrade baby commercials!!

But I have a friend who absolutely hates them, and says they are marketing blackberrys to children, and she turns the channel every time they come on. I just don’t get that, though. Marketing to baby’s in high chairs?? hmmmmmmmm…:confused:

We still love them! :smiley:

I never thought about the commercials. My husband drives me crazy every March. It is pure madness! :wink: I can handle any sport except basketball. I think I may stop and watch a little just to see the commercials. I want to see that coke ad you’re talking about. I’ll be watching for it, lol.

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