I dunno if God is calling me to become a nun?


I am 25 years old. Through out my life I have never had a true best friend. I have always been alone. When it comes to dating and all no matter how hard i try, and sometimes i don’t try to go looking sometimes men come to me. There is always or something that happens that gets in the way of me dating. And i have tried to go out there and make some good friends from church but some how it never works out. I am a good friend… I don’t understand. So far I have this one friend but she never calls or she is always busy… And I went on a date like 2 weeks ago and this guy and I were getting closer and before we both were going home we started to kiss but i stopped and i was laughing about something and i accidently sneezed on his lips but i don’t think he ever notice but it felt like when i was laughed a lil but of clear snot came out. And the next day he was sick and he told me he would call me and he never did. And for almost 2 years now i have thought about becoming a nun.
My mother grew up catholic and knows all about catholicism. Well it was about a month ago i wasn’t going to church lately but I told God I wanna renew my relationship. Well that sunday i didn’t feel like going but something told me to go. When i arrived at church i saw these brochures about joining the church as a nun. Alot of times in church i look over at the nuns mostly they are old and i think there is only 1 young one in there. I dunno if i am being called or not. I asked God if the last relationship doesn’t workout then it would be his sign that he wants me to become a nun and to try my hardest to become a saint something like mother teresa. My mothere told me she never thought about being a nun. She told me i need to get out more and to stop living a dream world. I dunno what to think.


Hey Pink,

What a great problem to have! You might be called to be a bride of Christ, a best friend of the Savior of the world… Not to shabby.

The best way to figure out what God wants you to do with your life is to begin to put into order those things you have control over, how you spend your time, your money, your energy, what you give your attention to. Otherwise all sorts of things can get in the way of us knowing God’s will. Simplify and things will become clear. Maybe you’d like some specifics?

–Get up early every day, even Saturday.
–Go to bed early so you get enough sleep, every day, even weekends.
–Eat right: fruits, vegetables, grains. (No smoking, drugs, junk food)
–Exercise at least 30 min 3 times per week
–Minimize TV, Internet, Radio, ipod, etc use. (This includes video games and CAForum!)
–Pray with Scripture or a book that explains Scripture every day. Read it. Ask yourself questions like: What is this saying to me? How does this make me feel? How could I live this out today? What must I do to live this out today, to make my life better, more in line with God’s will?
–Enjoy the people God has put in your life: make them smile, laugh, glad to have you in their life.

As you begin to do this, God will show you the next step. No need to rush. Just let things unfold…

In Christ,

Brother Scott
Apostles of the Interior Life, Rome


If your last relationship didn’t work out, than He wants you to be a nun. Persist in prayer. Keep praying, with trust in Him. Also, here is a quote from Jesus to Saint Faustina, a nun (excerpts taken from “Divine Mercy In My Soul”):

Even among the sisters you will feel lonely. Know then that I want you to unite yourself more closely to Me. I am concerned about every beat of your heart. Every stirring of your love is reflected in My Heart. (1542)

I thought of you before I called you into being. “Jesus, in what way were You thinking about me?” In terms of admitting you to My eternal happiness. After these words, my soul was flooded with the love of God. I could not stop marvelling at how much God loves us. (1292)

Even though a soul may immediately distinguish between false inspirations and those of God, it should nevertheless be careful, because many things are uncertain. God is pleased and rejoices when a soul distrusts Him for His own sake; because it loves Him, it is prudent and itself asks and searches for help to make certain that it is really God who is acting within it. And once a well-instructed confessor has confirmed this, the soul should be at peace and give itself up to God, according to His directions; that is, according to the directions of the confessor. (139)

Read the whole diary here: saint-faustina.com/Diary/DMIMS1.shtml

Jesus is your best friend. Freinds enjoy the company of one another. Be united to Jesus, always. This is why He created you from dust and why He recreated you in the baptismal water which came from His Heart.


Pray and ask to Jesus to show a sign about your future life. Don’t decide because of the failure of last friendship.

And if you really like that life, then go ahead.


“PA”… “dremay” gave you a really good piece of advice. No one should enter religious life, because of unsatisfactory relationships with friends, relatives or prospective “spouses”. I’ve always understood that the only reason a person should enter religious life… is love of God and a desire to serve Him. Period.

The only way to know for sure, if you have a true vocation is to contact whatever Order you’re interested in. Many of them have “Come and See” retreats. Where an aspirant (that would be you, dear soul!) can stay with the Community for a time… participate in their way of life… and see if it’s something that you feel called to continue with.

Here’s an Order you might find interesting. They are the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration… in Arizona. An offshoot of Mother Angelica’s sisters. They’re a fairly new community and looking for young ladies, from what I understand. I’d apply myself, if I was younger! Looks like an awesome Community. God bless you. And you’ll be in my prayers.



Thank-you Brother Scott, this makes a lot of sense. I find myself so “distracted” by the possibility, however I know I need to square things away, simplify where I live (get rid of stuff!) and my life and develop more discipline before I will be able to hear God more clearly.

I feel the call so deeply it aches, I just need to be sure it is His will not mine.

May God Bless you,



I think Brother Scott gave excellent advice - good advice for anyone to follow who isn’t sure what his or her next step should be.

Don’t forget the possibility that if she is called to marriage, perhaps the last relationship didn’t work out because there is someone else she is supposed to marry. . .

If everyone whose “last relationship didn’t work out” decided that marriage wasn’t their vocation, there wouldn’t be many married people. :slight_smile:


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