I failed again

I failed again in life, again, and I feel so lost and lonely. I can’t take this pain any more. I can’t be a burden to my family. Plese pray for me. I am losing hope in me. This could be a bye. So please I need all your prayers.

Please, speak hastily to your priest. Tell him your concerns.

You’re in my prayers.

God Bless.

It is in our weakness that Christ’s power is truly shown. All fail, all sin – it is only in and through God’s grace that our lives have any good at all. Our job is to throw ourselves on God’s mercy and keep moving forward.

Rejoice in His ardent desire to love and help you through these difficult times. It would break His Sacred Heart if you refused His forgiveness and love.

I will offer prayers and sacrifices for you today. You are not alone, dear one.


Please speak to your priest and ring him now - its okay to do so. They are amazing when we feel as bad.

Though I can only say that my priest has been/is pretty amazing with me.

In between time, turn to God for he loves you and just lean on God.


Hi Irene,

I will certainly pray for you beginning with Rosary quite soon, and thereafter at daily Mass, and daily Rosary.

2 Cor 13:13
Eddy Barry


Please, please please try not to think in such ways. God really does have a purpose for all of us. Often, people really don’t realise how special they are and what a big difference they make to the world just by being themselves. I understand that you are in a dark place just now but I promise this is just a temporary state and will pass. We all fail, but it doesn’t matter! God loves us 100% when we are on a great run and God loves us 100% when we are failing miserably. Please talk to your priest, and also your doctor if you feel you may have any form of clinical depression (which is also nothing to be afraid of). I will be praying for you.

All my love and God bless

Dear friend, don’t put your hope in YOU. Put it in Christ. Know that we ALL fail throughout our lives, and this is why we go to Jesus, the author and finisher of our salvation. This world is a place of many sorrows, but Jesus is thoroughly acquainted with them all. Irene, you will be in my prayers, and please remember that when we take a step out of our situation and turn to Christ, we realize that things are not as bad as they seem. God bless.

Our lives were meant to be a trial in which we carry our crosses toward our salvation.

You always have a chance to rise with your cross, as Christ did, and continue.

You have not failed until, with the stain of unforgiven sin, you stand before Christ at your particular judgement moments after your death.

Praying HARD for you!

If you are having thoughts of suicide (forgive me if I am wrong) PLEASE get to your nearest hospital ASAP…

Praying for you …
Heavenly Father,
Take your daughter Irene’s hand.
Help her into your great and gracious lap.
Fold your loving arms around her so that she may rest and cry
and hear your voice as you speak softly to her…
There there little one, there there.


Please. Whatever you do - do not be alone at this point. Call a friend, a social service or clergy. At the very least be out in public. There will be light at the end of the trial. This too shall pass. Despair in a manner of speaking - is a sin - yes? Ergo if you feel this way -yet knowing the Joy of the Lord is yours -then you must conclude that you are not viewing the situation in the right light. Step back and take another look. Despair is a tactic of evil. Do not let anything steal your Joy from you. **Heaven **is yours someday but not today. Think upon this.

We as humans often distort our problems in our minds way beyond the actuality. You need to discuss the problem with another to get perspective. We are not meant to be isolated. We gather strength from community. To try and tackle the problem alone may be a bit prideful. Let others work out their salvation and shorten their purgatory. By letting someone help. Receiveing help from others can **indeed **be a form of giving to that person that offers aid.

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Thanks to those who offered help and prayer.

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