I fear for my safety


I can’t take anymore. I just can’t. We tolerated his constant drinking and parties. Even tolerated living with him after he sexually harrassed me on various occasions and groped me…then denies anything happened since he was drunk and couldn’t remember. There’s a whole list of things he’s done to us, to the point that one of us are on meds just because of him, and the other two need them.

Last night he had sex with some girl on our couch. I stated when he came in today that “IF he did indeed do that then it was ignorant” He then blows up at me saying “If you ever call me ignorant again…*threat left unsaid” and proceeds to say I am ignorant because he LET me come into HIS place to live after getting myself kicked out of college and needing a place to stay. Riiight.

I pay rent just like everyone here and he didn’t let me do anything. I would have moved in here regardless if he had said yes or not. Its not his place, its the landlords.

Honestly, I fear for my safety now. I hope to be out of here asap. Moving out to anywhere but here this week. I don’t care. I can’t stay here. With my mental health issues, this situation will not help me. And who knows what he will do next? He would never go after the other two living here, but I know he would me. He knows my past and he knows he can hurt me.

I’m scared and I wish I could leave right now.

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I just don’t know what to do. I’m scared and I don’t wanna be here anymore.


It sounds like you do need to get out of that situation ASAP. I wish I could help…but I’m in michigan. Good luck finding a place, is there a safe house or anyplace you could go, perhaps ask at your church. The Peoples church (a freaking huge multi-denominatinal church across from my college campus), has a program where they will help set something up for you if you’re in a very bad situation like that.


Thank you. I do have a few places I might be able to go to…but won’t be able to find out until Monday. Honestly, if I can’t get in anywhere here…I might just quit my job and go home to my parents. Anything is better than staying here.


Don’t take it anymore. You don’t deserve more of it. Hope you’ll be able to sort it fast. Praying for you.


I’ll remember your need as one of my Mass intentions this evening. Until you can move, invoke St. Michael the Archangel to protect you–he’s never failed anyone who has asked for his aid.


Wow, pray to St Michael and Our Lady.


Members in fear for their physical safety should contact local authorities ASAP.

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