I feel a strong calling to the priesthood; what do I do?

Praise be to Lord Jesus Christ !

I am a 22 year old Roman Catholic man from India. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors’ Degree in Engineering (Information Technology) [last semester]. For the past four and a half years, I am discerning a vocation to the Catholic Priesthood (not the formal process), through prayer and reflection. As time has passed by, discerning my vocation to be a Diocesan Priest, I feel the call to be in God’s Brigade and to serve God’s People. Not just as a lay worker or lay minister or a permanent deacon, but by embracing the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience as well as, being wholly committed to the Holy Church.

Initially, the thought of becoming a Catholic Priest seemed to be like any other distraction to me. However, after accepting the “call”, it seems that God has laid the path for me and has removed (and is slowly removing) the hurdles that are preventing me from doing what God wills from me. As a result of accepting God’s call, it has helped me to understand God’s way, helped me to gain wisdom, faith and patience as well as, become understanding to people in-spite of their good qualities and shortcomings. I have experienced a complete and powerful spiritual transformation. I experience the power of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, during Mass or Services and I would love to administer these Sacraments to God’s People. This has all been possible through the Supreme Power of the Holy Trinity !

However, I am the only son and the only child of my parents. Can I be accepted into the seminary and further, become a good and faithful Catholic Priest ? I do understand about all the consequences during the course of becoming a seminarian and eventually, a Catholic Priest (if it is the Almighty God’s will). At the same time, I do know and understand my responsibilities as a son, to my parents, to whom I am very grateful. Only that I am just caught up in this dilemma!

I feel this call is emerging stronger and louder, day after day and I have begun to love the Holy Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary, immensely. I am aware of the numerous sacrifices, trials and tribulations that I have to endure - physical, mental and spiritual. But, I know that these sacrifices won’t go in vain, if I do it for the good of all of God’s People.

I may sound passionate, as though, I have just read some of the lives of Catholic saints who were martyred for their faith in Christ. But, to be honest, I am ready to embrace this life of being a noble and faithful Catholic Priest and bring back those who have lost their faith in Jesus Christ and the Church. And, I find my true happiness and success in life, in this…

I would kindly request a good reply to my question stated above, if possible, from a user who is a “Vocations Director” and Catholic Priest. Also, it would be better, if the user(s) replying could suggest some good advice and steps to help in my priestly formation.

Thank You.

Dear friend,

Your first responsibility is to God. As for your parents, you have your life to live–just as our Blessed Lord did. He too was the only son of His parents. Besides, no one can be more greatly honored than at the end of life to meet the Lord as the parent of one of His priests!

The next step would be to contact a vocation director. Every religious order and diocese has one. I also suggest that you keep up your regular practice of daily prayer and Mass. Put yourself in the Lord’s hands and He will put you where He wants you. You are in our prayers.

Fr, Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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