I feel as though I've committed Mortal Sin. I want to receive Communion tomorrow

I need to preface this by mentioning that I’m scrupulous and OCD, so perhaps this is merely me blowing it out of proportion.

In full knowledge of my actions being sinful, I made a comment to my sister regarding her weight, knowing it would stir up controversy. I truly feel that I have committed a Mortal Sin.

It was willfully with full knowledge of my actions being In opposition to charity.

I feel that it was a grave matter, as I meant to stir up controversy and make a point of comparison between my mother and sister.

I feel horrible about my actions.

Need I go to Confession once more?

We have no idea of knowing just exactly what your state of mind and intentions were. I’d say it’s impossible over the Internet. Especially when you struggle with scrupulosity, you should know that given the randomness and anonymity of the internet, you will always get at least one answer that confirms your worst fears. Always.

I saw your other thread where you mentioned (before this thread, so this is likely something that happened after that Confession. I understand that, so please bear with me) that a priest told you to relax, say Act of Contrition, and go to Confession once weekly. My suggestion would be to do just that. Follow that priest’s advice. Do not seek alternative advice from anonymous people on the internet. As another poster, CBCatholic, said on your other thread:

The “correct protocol” is for the scrupulous person to listen to the confessor and do exactly as instructed, and not question what they are being directed to do. So you are to do exactly as he says. If he says you did not commit any mortal sins, you did not commit any mortal sins. If he says come once a week–do so. If he says relax–relax.

Because you are scrupulous, you may not always be able to judge the severity of your sins, or tell what actually is a sin, you may feel you are not doing enough to make up for your sins, you may doubt your forgiveness and want to confess sins already forgiven or run to Confession too often. You need your confessor to guide you in these things, and help you to overcome your scrupulosity as much as possible and be able to form correct judgment about these things. So you should listen to him and follow his directions, not question things on an internet forum.

The peace of Christ be with you.

Though you knew what you were doing and did it in full consent of will I don’t think it is a grave matter. You are obviously sorry for what you did/ said but here’s the thing, did you ask your sister for forgiveness and apologize to her for what you did? I think it might be lesser sin. Brothers and sisters fight and you did’t do it out of hate, and because you are sorry for your actions it shows you still have love for her. So… tell her you’re sorry, ask her forgiveness and then pray for forgiveness and I think that during Mass when venial sins are forgiven that you’ll be OK. Because not just praying helps forgive sins but also doing things to correct the wrongs that you had done are also forms of pennance.
Also next time you go to confession bring it up and ask too.

Not grave matter. matter of fact u may be helping her with constructive criticism! I am constantly being badgered about my being overweight by family members and it has compelled me to join a gym and watch my diet.


What a ridiculous post. Just apologise to your sister and mother.

You are trivialising real mortal sin and beating yourself up over nothing. Some people shouldn’t receive Communion because they have fallen from grace. You are not one of them.

Best wishes,

I’m a bit confused. :confused:

In this thread, you identify yourself as a non-Catholic. Confession and Communion?

I’m a non-Catholic…

I was baptized as an infant, the priest therefore said that I could receive Confession and Eucharist.

Ummm, no First Communion, no Confirmation, just Baptism? I think, you’ve misunderstood. :shrug:

I’m just doing what my priest told me to. He knows I’m going to RCIA.

OK. Since you’re receiving the Sacraments, you shouldn’t identify yourself as a non-Catholic. It’s confusing.

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