I feel called to be an apologist. Any good training programs?

I always struggle with trying to defend my faith. I’m constantly running through arguments in my head. It has gotten exhausting, making my faith too intellectual and cold. I think that I need a way to come to peace with my constant desire to always have a reason for my hope. For the longest time I thought I was called to be a priest (I’m not saying it’s not impossible that I still am), but I realize now that I’m called to defend the Catholic Church.

Has anyone here taken courses to become an apologist? Any good online programs? Books?

Look at the credentials of the apologists here on Catholic Answers and that will give you a clue. It’s not a matter of just taking a couple of courses. You will note the degree of education they have.


Check out Dr. Taylor Marshall’s YouTube uploads.

He is offering online course/s with Certificate in Catholic Theology at

The course is currently on the Wait List and you have to sign up online.

I am not affiliated with them, :smiley: but bumped into his YouTube channel and found it to be quite interesting.

St. Joseph’s College of Maine offers a Certificate Program in addition to their BA and MA programs.

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