I feel empty and lonely


I feel sad, like every minute is a waste. I only enjoy sleeping, praying (at times), the office, and the Goldberg’s. I feel so lonely aside from prayer, the one person I want to know I can’t talk to in person and only texts me once a month (I think her phone gets taken a lot). I love music, especially when it is trying to raise awareness about social issues (drugs, prostitution, etc.) I really love all people and I want to help them. I know most people aren’t happy and they want help. I don’t know how I can fix this. I want to help people with addictions, mental health, eating disorders, etc. I get really sad that even “tolerant” liberals often treat them terribly. I’m only a minor, who is really quiet and contemplative. How can I be of use to the world? I really want to make a difference.


Try joining your Catholic Church Youth Group. Also try other fellowship activities at your Church, God bless.

Do you have depression? If so, seek a therapist.


Volunteer work. :slight_smile:


Exercise a lot. Express yourself creatively. Volunteer more. See a therapist.


Thanks, that’s something I’ve wanted to do but I don’t know how to.


Poetry, learning an instrument, art, debate, philosophy, etc.


I’m always up for a penpal. I can sit and talk about catholicism, church history, philosophy, and law all day long. Don’t hesitate to say hey if you need a buddy :slight_smile:


Could always try journaling. Just sit and write your thoughts down at the end of the day. I’ve never done it but I’ve heard a lot of people find it helpful.


think of your feelings as a calling by God to know the value of good actions and bad actions. The emptiness and loneliness you feel could be a result of you not finding any value in that which you do. Everyone experiences the need to be loved and feel valued. This is especially true of minors who are just learning how to become an adult.

Try doing something selfless for people in your family. Either asking if they need help or just doing things for them that you know need to be done. And I do not mean just cleaning up after yourself and the disorder you bring to the house, but taking a task off someone else’s list of things to do that will really help them have a shorter day of work.

Even writing a letter to your parents and siblings to tell each of them what you admire most about them or things they have done that made you feel loved.

The feeling you get for doing selfless acts will fill you with a sense of calm and belonging.

Selfish acts have the opposite effect.


Hi everyone. You know, it is great when we have such people who want to help others. I think you can start managing some public on social networks. You can give some pieces of advise or help them in other ways


That is imagination not knowledge and it’s not an uplifting thought, it actually only serves to make us feel miserable.

You know most people are actually probably neutral most of the time, neither happy nor sad, they just oscillate around the centre. Research years ago I remember showed that asking people if they were happy actually often caused them to list all the reasons why they had cause to be unhappy.

The locus of your focus, that’s a hocus pocus phrase :wink: would be better if it was turned outwards instead of inwards. Thinking about others more and helping in any ways open to us are a great way of changing this locus of attention. Naturally the locus should also be turned towards God and your faith always trying to find ways everyday in which we can serve God, which may include washing the dishes! Wherever we find ourselves we can serve our brothers and sisters in Christ and thereby add to the greater good.

I’d suggest less dwelling on the misery in the world and start thinking of how you can affect those nearest to you, when you do that it’s like a ripple which turns into a tsunami of goodwill spreading throughout society. That’s a way of serving God which we can all do right now.


Take a risk and talk to someone. Look around you and ask yourself “who do I know that needs a hello and a simple smile, and will listen to me?” And just talk to that person. Might be a teacher or just your family doctor, or someone else at your school who might be lonely. There is someone who is waiting for you to smile at them. There is someone else who is craving friendship just like you. Take that risk to smile at them and say hello.

God bless you for your post, you have a lot to offer and I admire you desire to help others. Be patient, and you will find others on the same path.


OP, read the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Abloom and then go visit some people in a nursing home. They would love to have someone sit and visit and talk with them. It would help both you, and them.


If this loneliness remains, you can consult a specialist coz maybe you are having depression.


mr.p, I am a senior citizen living in a government subsidized senior citizen apartment building. There are a multitude of handicapped people here and many people who definitely don’t look happy.There are also some mentally challenged here. I did not want to move here but, because of our finances, this was the only option. However, I know that this is where Jesus wants us to be so everyday I smile at every person I meet, ask how their day is going, perhaps help them carry packages, open doors for them etc. I try to make those around me feel important. Whether I have succeeded or not, I don’t know…only Jesus knows. I’m thankful I don’t know because then it would be easy for me to be proud of myself, which I never want to be. I would rather have my reward be in heaven than here.
I guess, in this long winded comment, what I’m trying to say is leave it all up to God. He has a mission for you and He will definitely let you know what it is because He needs hearts like yours.
God bless you.


It’s normal to go through bouts of funk at your age. How are you doing in school? Do you have a career you’re aiming at? Are you exercising? Do you have friends you socialize with?

Sitting at home watching tv is just going to reinforce this bland, listless feeling. You need to be working toward a goal.


Hey I like the sites blah therapy or 7 cups of tea. They provide the opportunity to vent anonymously and you could also do service by listening to others.

Of course it doesn’t supplement real world interactions but it’s a place to start. Especially, since it gives the opportunity to help in some form.

Are there any clubs that you’re interested in at school or at church?


Hello @mr.p .

I can only wish you well and say “God bless you” with the hope you will find an outlet for your concerns .

Plus , you may like this concert which Joan Baez did for the BBC back in 1965 .


Pray for guidance. Look for an opportunity to get involved in something rewarding. Time is on your side.


Hi, I probably made a thousand posts about my disability and depression on here, but if it saves a soul in God’s name, I will do it over and over again.

I have depression and I denied it for so long. I felt lonely and depressed- and I am so sorry that you feel this way. I was hospitalized for depression at least 6 times in the past 6 years, so yes, every year. I couldn’t handle my pain, and I exploded in so much sorrow and loneliness that I had to be hospitalized. I was in a psychologically bad state that it was so unstable.
My life was turned more upside down when I became paralyzed due to an unknown cause 2 years ago. I used a wheelchair, but I am walking now. But we discovered that I may have a rare disease and I will suffer until I die. It is so sad- and a lonely battle. My joints dislocate 30 times a day, and my legs shake to the point of me being unable to walk. I will have extreme fatigue and seizures for the rest of my life. I fell into a stroke-like episode on September and I almost died.i have seizures every day, sometimes throughout the entire day without stopping.

The Lord gives me eternal grace. I know that you are feeling lonely now, but the Lord is always with you. He will never leave you alone. I am originally not Catholic, but I converted to the faith when I was only 19 by myself. I felt unspeakable joy. The Lord wants to fill you with joy as well. Remember that He is always with you and He will send His guardian angel over you to watch over you. The Blessed Virgin is praying for you and interceding for you. She is Mother of grace and Mother to us all. Do not worry- the saints and the angels are always reasy to intercede on your behalf.

I know the road that you are walking right now is dark. Everything looks so cold- and so sad. I know how sorrowful that is. I remember that when I was in the hospital I cried buckets of tears just thinking of that. But please hold on, do not give up. If you are thinking of dark thoughts, which I hope you aren’t, please call the lifeline in your area. It saved my life for sure.
Also, do you see a counsellor? It helped me tremendously. It may help you to get sadness and loneliness out of your chest.
You can also message me on here. I am willing to help those who are in need.
Also, I make rosaries! If you want, I can send you one for free. Please let me know if you want that.
Take care and pax Christi.


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