I feel guilty for lying about my actions... Please help

My parents found weed in my apartment room and they were naturally upset about it. It was a very very old blunt (more than a month ago) that i had forgotten to clean up.

Now the blunt was mine but I said it belonged to a friend of a friend. Now this “friend of a friend” really does exist but he is someone whom my parents will likely never meet.

Another friend of mine agreed to help me cover up by pretending to be the “friend of a friend”. It’s a complex plan but I will not detail it since that info is largely irrelevant anyway. I said he would not get into trouble since it’s my fault for “allowing him to do it anyway”.

The reason why I had this blunt is because I wanted to try weed. It was my first time and likely last time. The problem is, if I had admitted it was mine my parents would over react and assume that I am a regular user. (Yes I know them very well, they sometimes twist arguments to make their mistakes my fault) They would never believe I only tried it for the experience.

How grave is my sin?

I only lied because I thought if I had told the truth their reaction would have been more extreme than necessary as they are prone to exaggeration. (I.e. My mom would sometimes say that I rarely spend time with her and dad and care about my friends more. That is unfair because I can recall several times In which i cancelled dinner with my friends so I could be with them.)

Please don’t judge me too harshly for my sin. I try not to judge people for their mistakes and focus instead on their humanness. I ask for the same for this thread. I am only human like everyone else and I am not brave all the time.

On the grand scale of sins, this wouldn’t even make the first thousand or two. Even on the grand scale of lies, it’s still not a horrible one, far from it. Go to confession. You’ll feel better. :slight_smile:

Go to confession and follow the priests direction.

I would come clean with your parents. Do you really think that they found weed in your room and believe that 1) it’s not yours or 2) you aren’t using it?

To get to the point of leaving blunts lying around your room, I would figure you a regular user if you were my kid!

You will feel better after sitting down and honestly talking to them. It is there house right.

I’m not into judging people. :slight_smile: The only comment I’d make is that if you ever do experiment with drugs for whatever reason, please don’t ever do it in your parents’ house. It’s not fair to them to have illegal substances brought into their home. It pulls them into the situation without their knowledge or consent.

Take care.

Use the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In it you will receive the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is our Saviour, and all we would ever hope to want. We don’t need to seek to experience anything less.


I agree with this and of course head to confession. Whether or not you tell your parents I most likely feel they probably did not believe you. Don’t waste your time trying such a thing again. A friend fell into that trap trying this and that as a youth until he was hooked on drugs and ended up unfortunately destroying his friendships, lost his job. etc.
Not worth it.

You’re human like everyone else as you note, and I confess with St Paul I can be the worst of sinners myself.

God bless,

Thank you very much for you comforting words. Who is that on your profile pic?

Thank you for your direct and honest answer. But to be 100% honest I am nowhere near what you would call “regular” (Thank God right? haha). God bless

Yeah, people say not to dwell too much in guilt, Mary, but it’s kinda hard to determine what is a good amount for repentance and what is an unhealthy amount (unhealthy as in makes you doubt God’s love). You ever get that feeling?

Yes but you have to admit faith is hard even for Catholics ourselves. It’s not easy even after Reconciliation. But I will take your advice and go to confession

Yes. your last statement is what makes me feel the worst about what I did. Also What I did was cowardly. I hate to admit but I’m not brave all the time

Yea, once upon a time a non Catholic friend of my said Catholics have problems with
“Catholic guilt syndrome” :smiley: Definitley a grain of truth in that for me at least.


If you were to tell your parents why you lied to them they’d believe you, wouldn’t they? Just tell them that you were afraid that they would think that you were a regular user and not just experimenting with the drug that one time, and tell them that you honestly are not interested in ever touching the drug again. God bless you.

That is St. Faustina Kowalska, the Apostle of Divine Mercy. She was canonized by St. John Paul II in 1993, and came from his native country of Poland.


The Divine Mercy message? There is no sin so bad that you cannot be forgiven. :slight_smile:

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