I feel guilty

I feel kind of guilty today.

The reason why is because I have this mentality that certain actions (such as switching to a radio station that has innapropriate songs [but I ignore the bad parts and I don’t think they affect my actions] or watching T.V. that sometimes has bad stuff on it) will increase the popularity of those stations/shows and more people will be drawn to it and someone might sin because of it.

I don’t want to lead anyone into an occassion of sin, or to tempt anyone.
Am I being scrupulous?

I feel guilty and bad because I went on website (have the same mentality as I mentioned before) and tried to justify it by saying “I am not responsible for the actions of others”. but this seemed very selfish of me and I feel really bad.

Should I receive during The Mass today?

Thank you, and

May The Lord Our God Bless You All!

If I were you, I probably wouldn’t. I was struggling with something similar this week (video game) and even though I ignored the immoral content, I still felt like I was holding out on God. I wouldn’t be so worried about scandal but more about your own soul. If you can catch the priest before Mass and confess it, I would do that.

I would lean towards yes

That being said, please do not take that as a moral absolute and if you feel what you did was a mortal sin then do not receive the Eucharist. I actually feel guilty in answering this question and debated whether, if I’m wrong, that I would be leading you to sin (hence my second sentence disclaimer). However, I feel that scrupulous people (myself most definitely included) will not improve without others to point out where they might be falling into scrupulous tendencies.

In dealing with my own condition I have found this mission.liguori.org/newsletters/scrupanon.htm and have recently been reading the book it references. Sometimes it helps me, sometimes it makes me fall even deeper (well it doesn’t make me, I interpret it in ways that make me fall), but I would overall call it a net positive. I remember seeing a question somewhat related to yours.

Hopefully I have helped a little rather than just causing you more anxiety.

Good responses so far.

Personally, I struggled and fought this for years. I mean, why was it okay my whole life, then suddenly not okay to watch certain shows, etc.

The peace I have found since listening to that “still small voice” has been ineffable.

get to church early before mass starts and try to have a word with the priest and see what he says…but if you decide not to receive then go up for a blessing and make a spiritual communion

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