I feel it's the right thing to do...but how?


Hello everyone,

I am a seperated non Catholic, mother of two children 16 and 17, who is in a happy relationship with a non believer. I was married before my baptism, to a non practicing non Catholic, and I myself was baptised in the Lutheran church. My husband instigated the seperation in 2009, and I moved on with my life. I have been doing alot of reading of the Bible lately, and suddenly things I have read many many times over the years have reached me on a much deeper level of understanding. I have been praying on this, and I am gaining more and more direction and as happy as I am in my relationship, I feel I am being asked to give up my secular life for a religious one. I am 41, and I feel drawn to an enclosed contemplative order, but from what I have read since joining the forum, I may have to wait for my youngest child to reach 18 before I would be accepted. Since I felt I received my call, I have had a desire to join the Catholic Church because to me, it seems to encompass the ideals of what Jesus asked us to do, more fully than other Christian denominations. Any advice on how to proceed, will be most gratefully received, thank you.



Welcome, Serenity,
to undertake such big steps, which will remove your practical support from your children in their early adulthood and from your future grandchildren, would require discernment with a wise and holy spiritual director. Your children as gifts to and through you from God, are of course important considerations regarding your vocation in God’s sight.

Your first step would be to discuss with a priest regarding your desire to convert, and second, to become a contemplative. Whether your vocation is to be mother and grandmother and wife, or in a religious order, the requirement is the same of a Catholic, to fully live the Sacramental and prayer life of the Church, to faithfully live the beatitudes and the commandments of God.

How God wishes that to interpret in your life may be discerned with the aid of a good priest.
May our dear Lord guide you.
Lord, we ask Your manifold blessings for Serenity, her partner, and her children.
May You divine will be fulfilled in their lives


Thank you so much for your reply Trishie,
It is such a huge life change; with so many elements to consider. I will take your advice and go see a Priest, thank you, and God bless :slight_smile:


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