I feel like a non canonized saint has guided me

Long story short
I will high light my path to Christianity as an adult

I was such a failure I thought about leaving my family in march 2008 and pulled over to the side of the road to think. I heard a voice say my name and jesus loves you. He really wasn’t on the radar
(Attended evangelical church about once a month after that)

In November 2010
As my mother in law was dying I heard a voice as she died say “you are this families only hope now”. I wasn’t a leader and I was frightened I nave have things like this happen
(Then Attended evangelical church 2x a week)

July 2011
Was told to leave my bible study because I refused to get re baptized and I sighted eph 4:5

October 2011
Discovered the rosary for the first time said I for a week and was delivered of temptation of any mortal sin for good

June 2014
Found my wives grandmothers love letters to jesus and read the story of her life a simple catholic mother of 15 I after reading her letters I think she was the saint guiding me.

You say a non- canonized Saint - are you referring to this voice you have heard?

It might be your Guardian Angel.

How do you know it’s not a canonized saint?

Just be careful with voices though - as long as what they are saying is in line with Church teachings they are fine but if the voice is saying things against the church it could be demonic.

Well, it drew him into the Church, hasn’t it?

Not all Saints are Canonized. Prayers for you and your wife. How does she feel about all this? God Bless, Memaw

I’d like to hear about your wife’s grandmother. We need saintly examples of Catholic moms with 15 kids. How did they go about doing it?

Here is one of my own efforts: cloisters.tripod.com/karin/


My wife and I have created an area dedicated to her grandmothers religious items with her grandmothers prayer books, rosaries, crucifix and poems. My wife’s grandparents, 14 aunts and uncles and mom lived in a 900 square foot home in Oklahoma. My diseased mother in law fell away from the church because her first husband beat her (she was only 19) and she left with her one year old from Oklahoma to Seattle to escape him. Never attending mass again because she thought since she left him she couldn’t

This voice is clearly different I have only heard it those couple if times and to my surprise it used many of the same phrases in my wife’s grandmothers love letter to jesus he just found while cleaning out her parents house

It could be, why not?

If she is in Heaven, then perhaps God is letting her help her family in this way.

The Church teaches that we are all called to be Saints. I may be wrong here but as far as I know all those who go to Heaven are regarded as Saints so if her grandmother went to Heaven and it is her guiding you then yes a non canonized saint is guiding you.

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