I feel like God doesn't want to bless me

God has provided me a much needed new place to live and I feel sad. I seem to carry with me the belief that God only bestows blessings on me when OTHERS pray for me. I feel God does not want to answer my own prayers with anything other than no. For a while as a child I gave up on prayer altogether thinking I would always receive The opposite of what I asked for. I still do not pray as often as I should thinking God will only say no. He loves me and wants me with Him forever in Heaven, but until then my own prayer is ignored. I feel abandoned in this life. My own efforts in life have always felt like they would always be in vain so I never tried in school as a kid. I believe any blessing I receive will only be given arbitrarily as my own efforts are useless. Forgive this rant but I feel desperate. I got a new home only because others have asked for me.

It might depend on what you want. There is a difference between what you want and what you need. God always listens to your prayers, but he doesn’t have to give you everything you pray for. He wants you to pray for others. If you give up on God, why should he have to prove he can help you? You just have to remain faithful, and God will truly bless you. God will always give you what you need.

God bless you. :blessyou:

It is not man trying to find God, it is God finding man. Therefore you must be self-disciplined, patient, and humble. To do so you must love God more, and we must know whi we love, therefore study of rhe church and tge saints is a requirement. And if certain graces can not be given, you must accept it as his perfect will for you to grow in holiness. Remember though that material blessings are not as important as spiritual.

Try making a prayer devotion. A rosary a day or st. Bridget’s fifteen prayers. Not to ask for anything, but just to meditate on Christ. We learn well from saint Faustina that one can never receive graces without prayer devotion. But don’t do such a thing with material goods in mind, only God.

Soon maybe get to a very saintly state of being where you do not care of your gains and losses as long as God is with you in prayer. This particular Fulton Sheen video really inspired me to start saying the rosary: youtu.be/dl4Fr9HjK7Y

And I know i will receive Grace and Mercy upon request. And for that I am most grateful. I just don’t think God will say yes to anything else. When I ask for anything beyond this I feel I can almost hear Him laugh which I know is ludacrise. “Lord, could you grant me a holy spouse?” Ha! “Lord, could you help me find a better job so I can pay my obligations on time?” Ha!

God doesn’t mock you. God has a plan for each and every one of us. Again, it depends on what your asking for.

My bad, grammar error. I meant “you’re.” :smiley:

I relate a lot as I sometimes feel – I am not supposed to say this but I feel it – that everyone else gets an egg when they ask for an egg but I get a scorpion. I watch as I pray for my intentions and the exact thing I ask for is given to those around me and I receive nothing. Yet at this point I just accept suffering and am glad I have some pain to share with Him rather than gain the whole world.
Not because I’m super holy but bc I don’t know what else to do.
Anyways, wish I had something more helpful to say.

Also I’ve talked w friends about it and I wonder if God isn’t asking me to get out of myself and ask others to pray for me and only then does it come to reality.

Just want whatever God sends your way, because whatever he sends you is always the best thing for your soul and spiritual life. Just pray that God’s holy Will be done in your life with no obstacles to His holy Will and you will be praying the perfect prayer; God will hear and answer you – and be assured that He will answer your prayers in the best way possible. God bless you.

Your prayers are never ignored. God loves us and always answers our prayers but usually the answers come in forms and manners which differ so drastically from our expectations, that we don’t recognize them. Try praying in a more open-ended fashion instead of for specific things.

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