I feel like I'm about to write a telegram... Catholic Education Online

I’m a 42 year old Mom… stop…:eek:

I want to go to college online… stop…:eek:

LOL. Anyway, I want to go to college. I haven’t ever been. I am so interested in Evangelization through Education since I became a Catholic in 1999.

Any suggestions for Online courses from a reputable (read NOT Liberal!) Catholic University? I want to learn the Faith more and prepare to be accurate rather than “feel good” about my education. I came from Mormonism so I don’t want fluff. Just the facts. :wink:

in Christ

Anyone??? Anyone???


The Augustine Institute out of Denver Colorado. There are some other good ones too - but they are the best. However they just offer Master’s so you’d have to get a BA/BS from somewhere first. I don’t know of any at that level. Maybe someone else can make a suggestion for that. Or you might give them a call and ask.

Franciscan University (Steubenville) has a distance learning program where you can receive a master’s degree. I don’t know about a bachelor’s degree.

I just noticed that Catholic Distance University cdu.edu/ offers a bachelor’s completion program (you get a certain number of undergraduate credits elsewhere and then do your theology courses with them). Perhaps you could take your basic courses at a community college or another online university?

Thanks so much everyone. I think I might end up going to community college as PhilotheaZ suggested. Thank you for the input everyone!!

in Christ

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