I feel lost: faith without a religion

Hi Everyone,

I last posted here in November, 2009 after being very active for years. I hadn’t realised why I had left until I looked at my last posts. I found this forum invaluable whilst I was here.

I do not know what brought me here again. I maybe hoped to connect with others who may have similar experiences.

Firstly, I have lost my faith in both the trinity and Jesus as the messiah. I guess it does not matter what issues separated me from the church, only that I do not feel able to take part in Christian services.

Secondly, this has been going on around five years. I wake up every day feeling the need to pray, but I have nothing to say, and know no way to connect. I had previously prayed the rosary because at least I could speak and feel some connection.

Thirdly, I have found having a faith without religion incredibly difficult, but I cannot and will not ever reject my faith in the Lord. Without ritual and tradition, you have nowhere to ‘hang’ your faith, it has no shape, and simply collapses. I have no way of bringing my faith into my life and it is an empty space that I feel daily.

Essentially I am a Christian that has lost faith in Christ. I have an innate belief in God and try to live a good life. I follow the Noahide laws, but am lost without a framework for my faith to focus my thoughts.

I do not know why I came back tonight, but I would be very grateful if anyone here has been in a similar situation, or can empathise, if they could offer some guidance or thoughts on this.

Thank you to anyone who finished reading this! A lot has changed in my life since 2009!

Friend I try to be a philosopher I’m bad at it but I try to be do you like to read? I have not always been a Christian I used to be basically someone who believed in Buddhist philosophy but was not actually practicing the religion. It took me a long time to figure out where I needed to be now I will say that I always knew that if I was going to be a Christian that I was going to be Catholic. I accept Jesus Christ not only as the Messiah but also as my God and I know that is difficult for people to do and though I would prefer you believe that there’s no way I can force you to. Sometimes it takes you awhile to convince yourself. Faith, contrary to popular belief while popular opinion is an intellectual decision. You may or may not have made that decision yet you’re still alive you have plenty of time. Even if you died tomorrow you still have plenty of time. I’m not trying to sound pushy or anything but I’ve been in the same situation and hopefully you figure out where you need to be. My belief because I of my faith is that you should be a Christian. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Hey there are some Noahide members here. I’m thinking you might want to talk to one of them.

Peace Abira.


I agree with you on this.

I am the opposite to yourself in that I was raised Christian, my father is a priest in the Church if England, but I have moved away from those beliefs as I have got older.

I have never been blessed with a ‘blind faith’. I sometimes wished I had! I approach almost everything intellectually, as you say. Faith for me is a decision.

Thanks for your story of moving towards Christianity.

Thanks Tricent.

The Noahide thing is something I am very new to. I had never really heard about it until recently. I believe it is more popular in America than places like the UK. I just wish there were communities to be part of nearby.

God gives us these things as signs. For example, depression is a sign that one must change something in their life or else struggle with complete emptiness. When a person feels in complete union with God and themselves and is happy, they have no need to change anything since everything is already in place. It’s when we are struggling internally that we demand a change or else crumble.You have to have some order in your belief otherwise you’re in danger of losing it entirely.

And pray even if sometimes you don’t know how. God sees your effort. Don’t give up. Also don’t rush into anything. Take your time, Jesus will guide you :wink:

Please examine why you have lost faith in Christ and the Trinity. Is it something specific?
Reverting back to Noah? OK that could work for you. Some people convert to Judaism you know.

Giving up on Jesus is actually illogical if you just listen to what he says. His message is simple and clear. Don’t make it too complex. Just remember that if you need to focus your love for Christ, that he told us that “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”.

Get outside of your head and try to help someone and you will get your relationship with Christ right back and be grounded again. You have the power to affect the world around you.


The Noahide laws are part of the Jewish Talmud,and not part of Christianity,though most of them have their basis in the OT.

Refraining from killing, stealing and sexual immorality seems like common sense,so does killing an animal before one eats it.

Idolatry though is something which is relative to each particular religion. To a Jewish person or Muslim, Eucharistic adoration or veneration of Mary or saints could be considered idolatry

Faith is a gift from God, but we also have to take care of it. Despite not having the energy to pray, pray anyway. But also very important is to engage in spiritual reading which you use to get to know God better. Are there spiritual books which used to build up your faith? Read them slowly, considering what you are learning about God and what He wants from us. Or read the Gospels, imagining yourself in the scene presented.

There are reasons we fall into these slumps: one is sin, which blocks grace, and the cure for that is Confession, weekly if you can make it.

Another is being run-down: too much work, too much stress, not enough exercise, poor sleep, bad diet, etc. And yet another is, as suggested, depression or other problem. Both of these can require the help of a professional to deal with.


Reach out and seek the Lord Jesus Christ!

He is personal to each one of us, and always waiting in the wings for our love.

All of mankind is not just a big bag of people; each one of us is precious in His sight.

Peace and Prayers,



Have you read “Theology and Sanity” by Frank Sheed. It deals with the intellectual aspect of God, Trinity and Unity, as well as other aspects of the faith. I think it will help you with an intellectual framework on which faith can build. If nothing else it gives a clearer understanding of Catholic theology which at least will help you understand why other intellectuals can believe.

It is ususally very reasonable in the Kindle store. I have seen it as low as $1.99.

God bless.


Do you want to return to the Christian faith if you could reconcile yourself to it? If so, there’s an old expression - through Mary to Jesus. Start praying the Rosary again and ask Mary to lead you to her son. Right now, I’d say you are nominally Jewish, which means you have at least a portion of the truth. If you feel more comfortable praying to God the Father, that is fine, the Our Father would still be an option for you. You could always try asking Him to lead you to his Son if that is His will. Noah is also recognised as a saint, you can ask him for guidance in your prayers.

Hello Abira,
I went through the same thing you are experiencing - loss of faith that Jesus was God, but still had absolute belief in God. (The doctrine of the Trinity wasn’t involved, I suppose because it just wasn’t something I was thinking about at the time.)

Like you, I was miserable with this newfound knowledge my reasoning had arrived at! Existence seemed sterile, cold, bleak, joyless,… I don’t recall how long I went on like that (definitely not 5 years, probably only a month or so) before I started begging God for help. ** My prayer specifically was “God, if what I (now) believe is the truth, then give me some peace. If what I believe is wrong, then please show/give me the truth.” **
(Truth has always been important to me.)

I don’t recall how many weeks/months it was till God answered my prayer. The “instrument” he used was a book (appropriate since it was thru reading that I lost my faith). I had gone to see a priest about my problem and he gave me “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. I was very frustrated at first and almost quit reading. Then, one day, as I read one small phrase from a single sentence, I was flooded with the knowledge that Jesus was/is God.
And I was filled with a joy so intense the body hardly knew how to cope with it! :slight_smile: Tears of joy, laughter, … It was what is often called a “conversion experience”.

My reasoning/logic had nothing to do with coming to the truth of Jesus’ deity. It was truly a gift/grace from God. Paul’s words in Eph 2:8 “*For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” * are particularly meaningful for me.

Will include you in my prayers! Just remember that even if you cannot believe in Christ Jesus at this time He does love you more than you can ever imagine. He loves all of us. Keep asking God for the gift of faith.

My best advice is to get on both knees every day and beg God to give you back your faith. If you lost it, God is the only one that can give it back to you. So you have to go to the right one for it … God. Beg his forgiveness for losing it and being so stupid.

Just start begging just as the bind man did … “Lord, that I may see”. Throw yourself at his feet and say, “Have mercy on me Lord, for I am a sinner.” Say it in a heartfelt way. Then you will know his guidance.

May Jesus embrace you again.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this, Nita. I found your entire post really helpful, but the prayer you used especially.

If the truth lead me, I’d go wherever it lead. I would definitely return to Christianity in that case, but do not feel called there at this time. I have always struggled with intercession, and only ever pray to the Father.

Thanks, Keith. I’ll definitely look that up.

I think when I met struggle I didn’t tend to my faith as I should, because it can be a painful thing to confront. But you are right that there comes a point where you have to look after it or lose it entirely.

I believe those laws are meant for all mankind, and so do extend to Christians. But, I also agree they are pretty universal. I guess it’s my way of maintaining a connection between my life and the bible in my mind.

I was raised Anglican - bible based. I have struggled to see biblical basis for the trinity (I have read hundreds of posts on this forum on this topic!) and actually see discrepancies, in that I do not believe Jesus biblically fulfilled the prophesies of the messiah…again that’s a whole other topic. But in a nutshell, I feel that the bible lead my faith here.

That statement is so true! When there is no structure, no order, I have found it collapses, or isn’t given the space or time it needs in your life.

Thanks so much for everyone’s responses. Ive found it very useful reading through them tonight.

I wonder if there are there Jewish temples in her area?

Can you share that phrase from Mere Christianity?

As a teenager, I looked up at the sky, stamped my foot and said: “God, I want to know if You exist and I want to know right now.” No lightning bolt. Nothing. Being stubborn, I said to myself: “I will figure out Your existence by myself.” And I did. It was the most ridiculous, total nonsense, non-rational proof on earth. It worked.

I share this story because sometimes the normal framework for our faith is not sufficient. Sometimes, we have to let God know just what is on our mind. Interestingly, no one has asked me how could I talk to God if I wasn’t sure He existed.

Maybe you need to stamp your foot and say to Christ: “I have a hard time trusting in Your existence, but at the least, You could give me a clue.” Maybe you will have the chance to stamp your foot in an empty or almost empty church. Hopefully, you will be stubborn like this granny and figure out the clue answer. This does not have to be rational. It simply has to work.

Ha! Granny you sound very much like my younger self when I was a teenager, too!! :smiley:

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