I feel negative towards Pope Benedict XVI

I feel guitly for saying it (typing it) but at the same time he has said some things I soooooo disagree with. For example, saying that condoms is contributing to the AIDS epidemic in Africa? AIDS is being spread by rape there, mainly. If the rapists used condoms AIDS would not be so widespread. I was so embarrassed to hear him say this. What about the rest of you?

My understanding is that he didn’t say condoms contributed to the AIDS epidemic, he said that condoms won’t solve the problem there (which I happen to agree with). Telling people to use condoms is like putting a band-aid on a cut that needs stitches.

QUOTE=ZoeBlue;5798022]I feel guitly for saying it (typing it) but at the same time he has said some things I soooooo disagree with. For example, saying that condoms is contributing to the AIDS epidemic in Africa? AIDS is being spread by rape there, mainly. If the rapists used condoms AIDS would not be so widespread. I was so embarrassed to hear him say this. What about the rest of you?

Free condoms for rapists, is that what you are wanting?

If you are going to be violently lustful…at least use protection :thumbsup::mad:

I totally agree with our Holy Father and the Church’s stance on artificial contraception has always been the same and always will be. Feeling ‘negative’ to this teaching is not going against Joseph Ratzinger as a mere man but against Christ our God.

No, I think you’ve both grossly misunderstood me. I don’t think that condoms should be handed out to rapists. I’m not a sociopath or something. And I also agree that condoms are a bandaid on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. I just felt that his message seemed to downgrade the importance of condoms, which - on a case-by case-basis - can be the difference between life and death. I felt he should have promoted the use of condoms IN ADDITION TO his message.

I mean this in the most polite manner possible: as a Catholic, you should not be promoting the use of contraceptives. The Church has never done so, and neither should you.

I recommend you dust off that copy of the Catechism you (should) have and learn about the Church’s stance on this issue.

“Do not engage in sex outside of marriage. But if you do, use a condom.”

Isn’t this a badly mixed message?

The Church does not now and has never allowed the use of condoms as a means of birth control, whether within marriage or outside. Pope Benedict is proclaiming the constant teaching of the Church, that birth control is intrinsically evil. Your personal opinion is really of no consequence.

In regards to AIDS prevention, even condom manufacturers note that their product is NOT intended to prevent the spread of diseases, so it would seem that your argument is moot.

It’s actually an unChristian message, which some Catholics, ironically and hypocritically enough, promote. Why? Because they don’t know the Church’s social doctrine.

I have never heard this or any Pope say if rapists in Africa or anywhere else used condoms that would stop the spread of AIDS. Please supply your source for your remarkable allegation.

I have read a recent news story, discussed widely in the press and on this forum when the story came out, that he quoted from experts, I believe from Harvard, who claim that condoms encourage rather that stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. If the research is faulty blame the researchers, not the person who quotes the researchers.

Are you an expert on AIDS in AFrica and the effect of condoms on that problem? If not, what is your claim to be an authority?

Condoms encourage sex… they make one think, “I can rape people and get away with it because there will be no baby developed as evidence, and without a child, that’s one piece of evidence less than needed.” Teens think, “I can get someone to have sex with me and be free of any problems that would otherwise develope if I did not use a condom.”

When you have sex, you are bringing 5 things to the table; SPIES or PIESS or what have you… you are affected in these ways:

  1. socially
  2. physically
  3. Intellectually
  4. Emotionally
  5. Spiritually

Condoms cannot protect you from being harmed spiritually (e.g., by scandal), being harmed physically (e.g., cutting yourself from the pain, perhaps childbirth MIGHT be added to this in certain cases), being harmed intellectually (e.g., have trouble staying focused, having trouble learning, etc.), being harmed emotionally (e.g., becoming depressed), and being harmed socially (e.g., avoiding people, being distant, etc.)

The evidence shows that where condoms are handed out, more people have sex, and more people receive aids, hivs, stds, etc. …it just makes sense as well.

AND, some cantraception CAN cause ABORTION.

I understand every last thing you have all said here about condoms. But if I were a rape victim in Africa, I would hope my attacker was using a condom. That’s it.

Your assumption that sexual intercourse is the main reason for the spread of AIDS is false. Check out this article:


In case you don’t feel like reading it, the article states that about 70% of new AIDS cases are a result of bad medicinal practices i.e. hospitals using dirty needles, not rape.

Condoms fail frequently to protect from the AIDs virus, they are not meant to be anything more than barriers to conception.

And because they fail so frequently they lead to the spread of AIDs as they lead people with AIDs to think they can have sex ‘safely’ with them and not spread the disease, which is a lie. And a deadly one.

Let’s get serious. How many rapists are going to be ‘good hearted’ enough to say, ‘Oh well, I’m going to rape somebody but out of respect for this person I will violently rape, I will use a condom that just might hold together but of course isn’t meant to in the case of forced sex anyway.’

Contributing any money to the people who manufacture condoms is immoral in and of itself. They do great damage to sexual morality in general.


you should get the official transcripts of what was said and then read the proper context.

Sometimes what is said and what are reported are very different.


You do understand Catholic teaching concerning pre-marital and out of wedlock indiscriminate sex, which incidentally is one of the main causes for the spread of Aids worldwide, not only in Africa, don’t you? I hope so. Sex in these two cases is expressly forbidden by the Church, no matter where you are or who you are. No exceptions. True there are instances where Aids is spread through rape, but they pale in comparison to the sheer number of people infected through indiscriminate sexual contact. In fact statistics tend to show that a great number of those infected in Africa are infected by truck drivers who frequent prostitutes and then spread the infection with their wives, girlfriends and casual sex partners…

Since the Church forbids pre-marital and out of wedlock sex, advocating the use of condoms would in those instances would send a mixed message don’t you think? And in your rape scenario, I can assure you most rapists really don’t care enough to use a condom,.

As far as birth control issues, I don’t think that the Church has come around to progressive ideas like contraception on demand, and allowing sex in so called “committed” relationships.

I doubt that condoms would help much, if at all, if rape is behind most of the AIDS cases. If the rapists were considerate enough to stop and put on a condom, they probably would be considerate enough to not rape, too.

One sin is not enough. Let us make it into a cocktail of sins.


If rapists didn’t rape AIDS would not be so widespread.

What’s next? “If bank robbers only wore bullet proof jackets while robbing banks and shooting at cops, fewer of them would die!” No. They shouldn’t be robbing banks and shooting at cops in the first place!

This is a short excerpt from a conversation I had with a sexually active 15 year old girl years ago. At that time in my life I would have also disagreed with Pope Benedict. After thinking in over, I agree fully with his position now.

Me, “Honey, sleeping with this boy is dangerous.”

Girl, “But I love him.”

Me, “You are too young to understand the commitment and consequences.”

Girl, “I know what I am doing.”

Me, “Have you bought some condoms to protect yourself from STD’s?”

Girl, “No, I would be too embarrassed to buy them at the store and I can’t find them in the restrooms.”

Irresponsible men and boys will not use them.

Irresponsible girls and women will not insist.

It is my opinion, such as it is worth: Hoping that condoms will have some value is a pipe dream and only serves to help put our heads in the sand, hiding ourselves from the difficult message that sex is not a form of recreation but a serious and important commitment between - oh, dear this may get me in trouble - between a married man and woman.

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