I feel rather ridiculous asking but

There's a relatively harmless game I play online and as a halloween theme they added the option to build a graveyard. To do so one would need to collect "lucky talismans" to defeat some kind of evil ghost. I'd like to add a cemetery to my virtual game and was wondering if participating, however detached, in the collection of these talismans would be eh bad? I may be over analyzing this but would appreciate some input:)

As long as you can seperate fantasy and reality I don’t see the harm. The media blows a lot of this out of propotion. I’ve played many kinds of games; pen & paper, computer, board games. Some were supposed to warp me somehow but it never has. I’ve never even gotten a parking ticket. :thumbsup:

I don't think there is need to worry about it. Obviously you are not playing the game for the purpose of pretending to engage in occult practices--you were playing it before, and even if you hadn't been, it seems a pretty minor part of the game.

But frankly, I'm with the previous poster--if you are clear on the difference between a game and reality, and if doing something in a game doesn't make you want to do it in real life, I don't think there's anything to worry about anyway. Me, I'd have to worry because although I've always liked gardening, I got more into it after playing a farming game, and this year I had a boatload of cucumbers. :) (no wax at all! yum!)


Only a game. Otherwise, anyone who played Pac-Man would have to worry about the sin of gluttony (mmmm Dots, my favorite Halloween candy), and taking on ghosts through your own power instead of relying on Mother Church.

You are good to go.

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