I feel so bad for my neighbors


**They are an older couple. They have one grown handicapped daughter who still lives with them and some other grown children who do not. The wife had a stroke a few years back but has been living at home with a lot of care from her husband as well as a lot of nurses/care workers who are always at the house. But now the husband is having heart problems (severe) and has had at least one surgery. They have one son who lives near and helps out as much as he can with things like yard work and snow shoveling etc but they need more help.

There have been a few mornings recently that they have needed help getting the wife into the van to take her to her various appts. Thankfully it has been on days where my hubby has been home to help. But just this morning the daughter came over asking for help but my hubby was already gone. I felt so bad that I couldn’t help. So useless. They ended up having to call an ambulance and wait for the paramedics to come help.

If you could keep them in your prayers that would be great. My heart is breaking not only for them but it makes me think of my own parents and if they are disabled and there is no one to help them. It gave me a sad start to my morning:(**




You might reach out to your local Knights of Coloumbus. They do things like getting wheelchairs for people who need them, and may be able to get some assistive equpt for your neighbors.


Thanks Kage_Ar… they seem to have as much assistive equipment as they need (wheelchairs, lifts etc) they are just short on human power.


The local K of C should be able to also set up a cadre to check on these folks when they need it, and give them phone numbers of somebody to contact for “guy” tasks like lifitng people.


Thank you for asking I am happy to pray for them.

On a side note: are you close enough to the family to talk to them about their daughter? Ideally she should be out on her own if that is possible, or in an assisted living place hopefully sooner rather than later.

I have a daughter with Down syndrome and am doing my best to make sure she is not living with us when we are older. Not that I don’t love her! It’s just that if we pass away she will lose her parents and her home all at once.

A social worker encouraged me to do this. She told me about a young woman who’s family kept her at home. Both parents passed away and they had to take this poor disabled woman out of her home where she was hiding from the social workers trembling and scared. Its scary but face it…this woman will be out on her own anyway, better before both her parents are gone and she is lost.

That’s not what you asked but it really hit me so if you are close to this family and feel comfortable please share my story. Thanks and God bless.


**Thank you for sharing that monicad…

I really don’t know them on the level where I could bring up how they are raising their daughter. But i will definitely keep your advice in mind in case the situation changes!**


My hubby is going to talk to him the next time he sees him and see if there is something he can do…find out if appts are pre-arranged etc and then maybe hubby could get permission to be late to work (not by much) on those occassions so he can help.

If that doesn’t work out I will tell hubby about the K of C advice. Thanks!!!


I don’t have any advice but I do offer up my prayers for their intentions. I know how helpless I feel sometimes when I want so desperately to help someone and I just don’t have the means. God bless you for posting this thread and asking all of us to help.


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