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I was going to Mass today, and was there quite early because I had the time wrong, so my son and I were kicking around in the vestibule while others waited for confession. I took out my little prayer book (which my MIL bought at the monastery and had blessed) with the intention of memorizing a prayer I don’t know by heart. As I was looking for it an older man asked me, “do they have people in there to help you do confession? I mean, it’s been fifty years.” I thought that was great! So, I gave him a short refresher and told him that Father would help him if he gets lost, then turned my prayer book to the page on confession and gave it to him. I have the highest hopes for this man and I was so glad to be a tiny part of his return to the sacraments…



Beautiful! :extrahappy:


Praise be to God!

Honestly, when I was reading that, I thought that old man could have been me. Well, I’m not that old, but that’s exactly how I returned to the sacraments after four years of absence. :thumbsup:


Kinda funny…me too. I went through RCIA 12 years ago because my mom asked me to (long story), but I basically stuck around for two or three years and gave up on it. I never did go to confession at all because I was afraid of doing it wrong. Later on, I was called to dress modestly and pray the Rosary even though I was still calling myself a Humanist and denying God. After talking to a great priest about it, I went to confession for my very first time about eight months ago.

I will remember this fellow in my prayers and I hope you will too.lo


Very nice story dear friend.:slight_smile:
May God bless you both:thumbsup::slight_smile:


“MissM” How wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us! Isn’t it exciting, when we occasionally realize that the Holy Spirit has used us, in some way… to accomplish His Holy purposes! It is a humbling moment, indeed.

I will keep your special gentleman in my prayers. God bless you, dear soul!

MV :slight_smile:


What a neat story! You know it was not an “accident” that you were in that place at that time. It’s cool how God works in our lives. May God bless both of you.


I was going to Mass today, and was there quite early

Sounds to me like you were right on time.


Two beautiful stories, thank you for sharing! :yup:


Awesome stories! God never gives up on us, stubborn as we all may be.




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