I feel the calling to be a nun


I think God is calling me to be a nun but i’m not sure. I have prayed but it doesn’t seem like i’m getting any signs…what if i’m wrong? Does anyone have any advice or things I should do? :frowning:


Well, hun, how old are you? You may change your mind later on in life.


Talk to your pastor about what you’re experiencing and ask him to recommend a priest who offers spiritual direction to help you discern your call.


Why look for signs? Go on discernment retreats and ask yourself whether the life fits with your spirituality.


I wouldn’t put much stock into this kind of advice. A lot of people change their minds, but once a lifelong decision is made, we don’t back down on our youthful decisions. Rather, we find new ways to make them work. This is the way married couples stay married or anyone who makes religious vows keeps them.


Agree totally with the post that suggested attending a discernment retreat...or more than one if you have an interest in different orders and their particular charism.

Whatever your eventual vocation, you will be happy knowing that you listened to the still small voice and took time to discern what He wanted for you.



This is a great organization which would have resources to help you in your discernment.

Have you considered the type of vocation you think you are being called to: active vs. contemplative vs. a mix; which type of spirituality (Benedictine, Carmelite, Dominican, Franciscan, etc.); etc.?

Here is a thread related to positive stories on women religious that might give you an idea of what some groups are out there and what they are doing. forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=737023&highlight=positive+stories




Pray, pray, pray! And pray some more!

and what the other folks said


Start with the cloister of the heart. Study the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

This group has closed archives, and one can ask questions of list members about vocations: groups.yahoo.com/group/safeharborvocationsupport/



You can’t be wrong if you think He is calling you to be one. As others have said, go on discernment retreat, have a visit to those communities that interest you. Prayers for your discernment.


Hi, I’m 28 and though I was already feeling the pull toward being a nun till I was ten then in my teens I. had lots of health issues until now andd only pursued medicine or anything like it (I have always wanted to HELP and just ease people in troublesome moments.)
But It’s been a year now since the call came stronger than ever and I have since been talking, with the SSJ nuns at my parish and both the msgr. there and rev Jorge.

I had some moments I doubted myself, I used to be very impulsive. But after every moment of doubt or fear, after I’d pray for guidance and to let His will be done, and many more (going to Eucharistic Adoration often was a big part ofthis and it’s a big part of my continuing journey.)

Have Faith! Just find the right people to talk to, see what orders you’re inested in. Apostolic? Monastic? Some middle ground? All I can say, as a beginner still on the path, pray all you can, it truly has soothed me and also just made things much easier tograsp. And if you wish, if you know orders you believe may be one you are called to, contact the Vocational Director. I have done it and I keep in touch with one specific order now but…tey answer questions and are often glad to just be a guide and share their stories, how life is there, etc.

In the end, I’ve only gotten more and more convinced I’m finally answering the right call. And I though some days I have a lot and I ask for help, the majority is filled with a new joy and love.
I will pray that He may guide you to what He put you on Earth for.
God bless!


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