I can’t think of a time in my life where I weren’t this blessed!

I am not the most vocal person on CAF, but have learned a lot from all of you. Sooooo I thought I would share my happiness!

I am in the AF and have just been given a second assignment to Italy!! I was there 6.5 years ago, when I was protestant. I have been in the AF 19 years, and Italy was my favorite assignment of my career. Now, I get a second shot! But now, as a Catholic. I visited the Vatican back in 99, but it will hold a whole different meaning for me now!!

Getting the assignment was one thing, but now we have sold our house, my jeep and a few other belongings that we will not need there.

We are soooooo excited (my wife and I)

Peace be with you.

Courage :smiley:


TOTALLY KEWL :dancing::dancing::dancing:TOO!!!


Congratulations and many blessings in the journey to come!:clapping: :dancing: :clapping:



That is just wonderful!

Hey, can all of us come and visit you when you’re back in Italy?



Wow! Congrats on the second chance. I’d love to be in your shoes! :thumbsup:


Woo-hoo! First San Antonio, then Italy. two of my favorite places!


My two favorite places too! San Antonio has been great to us. Why not, I was born here! I was raised in MI, but born in SA!

You are all welcome, friends are ALWAYS welcome!




Congratulations! I can just imagine how much joy you must have in your heart about this right now! Please say a prayer for us in Italy :slight_smile:


I wish when I was in the AF, I would have been sent to Italy. I was only stationed at Fort Worth AFB, before leaving. I did get to go to San Antonio and if I remember correctly, there is more than one base close together. I only visited the officers visiting quarters and the hospital. I loved the Riverwalk and loved what I did see of San Antonio. I wished I would have gotten that as my first and only assignment.

Oh, well, I am happy for you and your family. Have fun!!:thumbsup:


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