I fell guilty for eating cake

If you legitimately made a vow, under the guidance of your priest, to never, ever eat ANYTHING when you don’t feel hungry, yes, it would be a sin to do so.

Other than that, fasting from food when you are not hungry is just a personal sacrifice which is a boost in grace, not a risk of sin if you fail it.

Pa Newman,

Thank you for your reply! I know my post made this sound quite…well, dramatic, but it isn’t as mad as I made it out to be. Well, I have never had a problem with gluttony in the past. When I was younger I was 20 or so pounds overweight. I didn’t care about at all though. I was very anti-mainstream, so I decided to eat what I wanted, exercise when I could, and not worry about how society portrayed me. As you can imagine, that resulted in my weight gain. Now that I am a teenager, I know that way isn’t healthy for me. I exercise, and eat when I am hungry. I have been trying to make a meeting with my spiritual director, but I will definitely talk to my confessor about it today. Good point, I will not refuse food in the future as I’d rather be courteous to my Grandma. Thank you, again!

I’m jumping in here without reading the thread, so maybe this has been said before…

It is fine to want to be healthy. And whatever works for you is fine. Having said that, it is always best to be under the direction and care of a health provider when dealing with our physical health. Far too many people have ruined their health by being too stringent in their diet. I suggest you consult a dietitian rather than going it on your own.

Also, in spiritual matters it is also best to have the guidance of a solid spiritual leader, such as a priest, deacon or religious. I think you should talk over your scrupulosity with your priest or other reliable religious because, once again, we can overdo, get discouraged, give up or be too hard on ourselves. There’s no need to deprive yourself of ordinary pleasures unless you are fasting or doing penance. I believe any good spiritual director would tell you that. So, O advise that you don’t go it alone with your health, either physical or spiritual. :slight_smile:

As I have never had guidance in this area, I believe I am a bit confused on what would be sinful and what wouldn’t. It does make me feel better to think that I did not sin by eating the cake, but my reasoning still stands that I won’t eat when I’m not hungry (unless it is obviously rude not to.)

Thank you for putting it so kindly, I will definitely consult it with my confessor and (hopefully) my spiritual director. I am not too harsh with myself and what I eat because I don’t deprive myself of food when I’m hungry.Unless there is a sin I feel quite horrible about, I only fast on Fridays as my Good Friday sacrifice. Thank you!

Just to add to my other post, we shouldn’t deny ourselves pleasures in order to feel better about ourselves. If eating cake would lead you to overeating, then it’s fine to abstain. And if only eating when you are hungry keeps you fit, again, that’s fine. Still, in spiritual matters, especially we should not “wing it.” You are confused about what is sin and what isn’t because you haven’t sought spiritual direction. So, I think it would be best that you do so in order to have guidance and not go overboard or have to worry about what is sinful to do and what isn’t. :slight_smile:

To be quite honest, I am terrified of Hell and I don’t want to end up there. So, if worrying about gluttony will keep me out of Hell, I will.

I used to value food highly when I was younger, but in the past year or so I’ve had a spiritual resurgence, and I now view it as merely nourishment, but nourishment that can be enjoyed. Okay, I will try to relax a bit. I don’t want of you guys to get the picture that I am near perfect, I fail occasionally.

I shall, thank you!


I was very full as pizza (my favorite :wink: ) was for dinner. I know God isn’t mad at me, but I still felt badly for eating when I wasn’t hungry. Good point…I can take it a bit far sometimes. I will definitely mention it in confession today, thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: With respect, may I ask why it is not healthy to wait until I am hungry to eat? Isn’t that why we get hungry, to tell our brains to eat? The only day I sacrifice food (fast) is on Fridays, and that is typically just skipping a meal. I have told my Mother about it, and she isn’t worried because I am not worried about it either. I will! Yes, I am scrupulous about demons possessing me and about not being able to focus when I pray (though these have gotten better). My scruples have come because I became lite with the fire of Jesus Christ alone. My family is not overly religious, so when I developed a great love for Catholicism, I had to learn and seize it on my own. I don’t need a therapist, if anything, I need an meeting with my spiritual director. Thank you!


Thank you, you are the first to agree with me. I most definitely will talk to a priest about it this afternoon! Thank you, I have been striving to change my old sinful ways to live the way God wants me to live. Oh, well what I did wasn’t that paramount, but I thank you again! :slight_smile:

  • Stephie


I agree with you that I really need to talk about this with my spiritual director as I can be confused about what is sinful. I might have a distorted view of gluttony and sin, but it isn’t as bad as you are making it out to be. I definitely do not need a mental health professor, but thank you for your concern. I am not alone, I have a close friend that I discuss this with often, and she is helping me.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I am going to talk to a priest today to help me find balance!


I didn’t think I was committing a moral sin, but a venial, but thank you for your concern.

Oh - but it was paramount. Some of the simplest acts of love are the greatest.
You’ve shown a maturity in this that is quite impressive.

  1. You placed the feelings of another above your own and
  2. You felt some disappointment at not having been able to maintain your discipline to the extent you wish.

In point number two - this is important and perhaps something to consider. Is what you are felling really “guilt” or is it maybe just disappointment.
This is one of those subtle differences that a good spiritual counselor will be able to help you with.


I was confused. You started off the OP by bringing up the sin of gluttony. Which is not venial. So I thought we were talking about mortal sin.

Truth be told, 1ke, I really don’t like the fact that you said that Stephie needed a mental health professional right off the bat at post #2. For all we know at the beginning of the thread, Stephie may have had bad catechesis.

Now Stephie, you mentioned that you were scrupulous in other areas of your life. I am totally glad that you’re going to talk to a priest today. I would recommend that you mention your areas of scrupulosity with your priest. It would be up to the priest’s judgement if you do need professional help.

By the way, Happy Birthday!

I think it’s over the top to be dwelling on eating and enjoying a piece of cake on your birthday. If someone offered it to you, it would be rather rude not to eat and least a little bit. Even if you don’t care for cake, a little white lie is in order on this occasion, saying how good it is. It was very thoughtful of someone to want to honor you with a birthday cake.

I don’t like cake, personally, so for me it’s a sacrifice to eat a piece. I usually take a few bites, then discreetly throw the rest away. Maybe for you it can be a sacrifice to eat cake to please someone too. :wink:


Thank you for your kind words. You make a very good point…it might just be disappointment rather than guilt. I hope to have a meeting with my spiritual director in the next couple weeks, and I’m definitely mention it to him!

God bless you,

I’m sorry if I confused you! To the best of my knowledge, I though gluttony could be a moral sin or a venial sin.

Thank you, Inquiringperson. I appreciate you saying that. I was never guided in this area, so I am kind of figuring it out on my own, and through my own research.

I will mention the other areas of my life to the priest today, and I know he’ll be able to help me! Thank you! :D:D

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