"I Felt Dirty": Former Employees Of The Veteran Crowdfunding Trump's Wall Say He Pushed Fake News To Get Rich

GoFundMe is refunding the wall money. Sad!

How surprising. I’m reminded of the couple supposedly raised cash for a homeless veteran.


I love this bit:-

On Friday, Brian Kolfage, who created the fundraiser, updated the campaign’s GoFundMe page, urging donors to redirect their donations to a new 501©(4) non-profit Florida Corporation named "We Build the Wall, Inc."

Mr. Kolfage is a trier isn’t he?

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Good observation. I missed that part. There were a few CA posts promoting the private building of the wall.

Not only were there posts on the fund raining scam, but there was also a post decrying Facebook for shutting Kolfage off.

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And there were far more posts promoting folks raising their own money if they wanted the wall from those opposed. I found that as silly as I did suggesting those who supported the ACA could fund the cost to themselves
In both cases, like it or not, that isnt how American governance works.

I still laugh at stories of a GoFund me page to buy ladders for those wanting over the wall funded by the other page!


Sanctuary ladders, if you will.

They raised $160k for RAICES. Being funny and making a difference is a great combination.

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