I felt energy lifting during reconciliation

I want to share this experience as a testament of the power of confession.
As a self-professed mystic, I was the last one to believe that another human could forgive my sins on behalf of God. I was going to directly to God and that was that.
About 3 weeks ago, I started feeling the presence/love of our Blessed Mother strongly around me. I have been reading about Her, Her apparitions, I’ve been saying my rosary, and I thought I would try confession again to see if I felt any different.

When I got to my cathedral today, I had just missed the time for reconciliation, but the priest who opened the door kindly offered to receive my confession.

First of all, I felt the holy spirit VERY strongly as soon as I sat down. And I am even less than a cafeteria catholic. There are still many dogmas that I do not believe within the Catechism.
I proceed with my confession, in tears, and when right after I uttered my act of contrition, I felt a mantel of energy around my shoulders and heart while the priest was absolving me from my sins. It was very, very real.

I am very grateful for this special experience and the kind priest who showed me a better way.


Praise God for your reconcilliation. The power of God is greater then any ‘new agey type mystic experience’ .
Praise God that you had Priests and reconcilliation available to you in these times.

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