'I felt I had been abandoned': inconsistency and fear surrounds late-term abortion


A NSW couple who fought to have their pregnancy terminated at 28 weeks after discovering the foetus had a physical abnormality has revealed the inconsistency and fear surrounding decisions over late-term abortion in NSW, where the procedure remains a criminal act, punishable by ten years jail.

Mother-to-be Cindy was 23 weeks pregnant when the first indication there might be a problem with the foetus emerged. What followed was a two-month long nightmare that started with the couple facing bureaucratic hospital delays that pushed back further scans for two weeks.

They say they are still haunted by the silence that filled the ultrasound room, when, more than six months pregnant, the scan confirmed their fears: their child was suffering from a deformity, one that would cripple its left hand.



Words fail me…:(:(:(:frowning:


they killed their baby for a defect in the left hand. ONE small defect. A child dies because she was NOT perfect enough. And what would have happened if she was “perfect” but later lost her hand in a terrible accident? starvation? Lethal injection?

If the parents of Jim Abbott knew he would be born without one of his hands…baseball would have lost a great pitcher before he was born if they were like this couple!




My mother’s left thumb doesn’t bend…
Thank goodness she was born before ultrasound and that her parents were God-fearing Catholics!


Sick. They murdered their baby because he had one abnormal hand! What disgusting, sick, evil people!

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