• I finally can say I'm back- from Mormonism, from Fundamentalism, from seeking... a testimony

As many of you know I have had my share of ups and downs in my life. Growing up Catholic and then after Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped then returned home becoming a Mormon, after three weeks of being baptized Mormon I became a Catholic again but felt disconnected and returned for a short time to the Mormon Church. I had my temple recommend to go to the temple to baptize for the dead but I never got it. I left a week later… I blamed it on family pressure and just seeking. I returned to the Catholic Church and realized I should really go to a Catholic College and major in Theology. It was a rewally awesome road. I learned so much about the bible and my faith. I also looked at Major world religions and even went out of my comfort zone and attended a Synogoge, Mosque and a free Church. After visiting the free evengelical church I knew that would not be where I would ever worship. It was just this semester I started feeling disconnected from the Catholic Church. I wondered why I was always having these periods of wanting to leave but never fully leaving. I have thought I admit of going back to the LDS (mormon) church but I never go in the doors. Something stops me. I feel sometimes as though I should go to a Lutheran or another Christian denomanation… again somthing stops me. I know now it is the euchorist and the Catholic Church I long for in my life. The feelings I get at church can’t compare. Honestly though I think my eyes are finally opened. I was going througha box in the basement of all my childhood stuff and it had my baptismal gown (the one from when I was a baby not the Mormon gown) and my program to my confirmation. I couldn’t help it I cried. I loved my Catholic faith since I was a young girl. I feel like now today I am finally home and will never turn away. For all of those here who have e-mailed and chatted with me through my struggles I thank you so much- you are my angels and I love you. I am HOME!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! :extrahappy:

I never noticed on the main page to Catholic Answers until the this last week the Angels looking at Mary and baby Jesus :angel1:

Hi Patty, God is taking care of you. I am glad you have found the peace you have been searching for.

The main page changed not too long ago, so the pic is relatively new. It is a beautiful picture. :slight_smile:


It really is a beautiful picture :slight_smile:

Welcome back home. :slight_smile:

– j.

thank you:thumbsup:

Hi Patty
I was very moved by your thread.I feel you can help such a lot of people with your experiences.Pinky130 had a thread going about her teenage daughter dating a mormon and she is scared that she will get baptized a mormon i sent her a private message to try to help her i wonder if you might like to share your life experiences to help her.Im so glad you are back.God loves us all and understands far more than we ever could about ourselves and reasons behind why we do things etc.May God Bless You and be with you always…

The whole image is attached.

Hi Patty,
It’s great to have you back. You are greatly loved here.

have her e-mail me on here

It is the Eucharist sister, NOBODY can take that away from you!!!

Its good to see you home, may God Bless you:)

Mormonism is very attractive because the people seem so nice. Unfortunately, it’s totally fraudulent – I learned that and left after 32 years in that organization. I was baptized Catholic three years ago and could never be happier with my religious choice! I would never be willing to give up the body and blood of Christ for bread and water. Look at the thread I started today about Native American ancestry – it’s obvious the Native Americans aren’t descended from people from the Middle East. The entire Smith-Rigdon movement has been exposed.

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